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  • Greenpot Bluepot

    Album title: Ascend at the Dead End
    Record Label: Greenpot Bluepot
    by John Noyd
    March 2012
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    Greenpot Bluepot - Ascend at the Dead End

    Greenpot Bluepot - Ascend at the Dead End

    Exotic concoctions drawn from noisy orchestras of wheezing reeds, Thai beats and tinkling cymbals, “Ascend,” sends rampaging rhythms around feral spells from tarot card choirs. Twisting ethnic traditions resisting conventional wisdom, GPBP’s outlandish mannerisms stampede in haunting microtonal hypnosis, unleashing fearlessly multi-cultural boomerangs for swirling dervish curses chasing snakes and making faces from ruthless Kabuki spookiness and choreographed cyber-tribal kookiness.

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