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  • PAWS

    Album title: Cokefloat!
    Record Label: Fat Cat
    by John Noyd
    September 2012
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    PAWS - Cokefloat!

    PAWS - Cokefloat!

    Coaxing grown-up slogans from teen taunts exuberant Brits knit razor-sharp riffs to honest insolence and pop-rock props to deafening wit. Raw, authentic and anthemic, “Cokefloat!” promotes cheeky, squeaky wheels and precocious notions consumed in smarmy karma and outspoken devotions to broken hearts, hard truths and youthful folly. Guitar-powered panthers prowling alt-rock vaudeville, PAWS chops adolescent angst into voracious, contagious mini-operas

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