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  • Joan As Police Woman

    Album title: Damned Devotion
    Record Label: Play It Again Sam
    by John Noyd
    January 2018
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    Joan As Police Woman - Damned Devotion

    Joan As Police Woman - Damned Devotion

    Cobra hypnosis flickering in prickly rhythms, “Devotion,” provokes soulful vogue strolls touched by runway-model coddling; purring allure perched in flirtatious patience like sleep-walking catnaps taken in fiendish Venus fly-traps awaiting tasty contact with ravishing magic. Empowered by Joan’s sensual progressions, chain-gang syncopation and subtle untroubled melodies, unshakeable boldness holds court over slinky visions assembling royal processions down proud prowler’s playgrounds.   

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