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  • Eluvium

    Album title: False Readings On
    Record Label: Temporary Residence
    by John Noyd
    August 2016
    (1869) Page Views

    Eluvium - False Readings On

    Eluvium - False Readings On

    Colossal architectural free-falls dissolving gurgling swirls, eclipsed hisses and sumptuous hums “False,” vaults into oceanic ambient somnambulism; persuasive quakes enveloping solemn convoys drenched in subtle suspense. From downgraded monster-waves blanketing saintly membranes with baptismal lighthouse gazes, Eluvium’s breathing wide-screen cathedrals release solid aural auroras steeped in stirring, purring chromatic avalanches unfurling sterling environments within tubular scoops layered in eerie tranquility.

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