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  • The History of Apple Pie

    Album title: Feel Something
    Record Label: Marshall Teller
    by John Noyd
    August 2014
    (1374) Page Views

    The History of Apple Pie - Feel Something

    The History of Apple Pie - Feel Something

    Raucous frosted Britpop anarchy glazed in porcelain voices, buzz-saw guitars and rampaging bass, bull-riding china-dolls THOAP grind through divine side-show glamour with fuzzed-out jousts around wiry New Wave may-poles. Capturing frazzled carousels spinning in paisley mayhem, “Feel,” reels in snap, crackle and pop, unfastening gung-ho poses around reckless psychedelics; coy, turbo-charged laments played cool, laid low and catchy as hell.

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