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  • The Wind and The Wave

    Album title: From The Wreckage
    Record Label: RCA
    by John Noyd
    July 2014
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    The Wind and The Wave - From The Wreckage

    The Wind and The Wave - From The Wreckage

    Gripping cynicism washed in high-minded harmony and waxing nostalgia, “Wreckage,” wrestles desert divas from defensive confessions. Edgy treasures cloaked in smokin’ hot subplots, Texans Dwight Baker and Patricia Lynn rage and coo in a swaying buffet of alt-country canters and folk-pop trots where tough marries fluff with strong-worded flirts skirting sizzling pistol-whipped shuffles, heartbroken cowboy ballads and stern, spurned barn-burners.

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