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  • Gabriel and the Hounds

    Album title: Kiss Full of Teeth
    Record Label: Ernest Jenning Record Co
    by John Noyd
    February 2012
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    Gabriel and the Hounds - Kiss Full of Teeth

    Gabriel and the Hounds - Kiss Full of Teeth

    Communal collaborations coax magical madrigals from indie-rock epiphanies and singer-songwriter sympathies, “Kiss,” sits embroidered in butterfly flutes and branded in bold, swollen brass, a beautiful marriage of solitary thought and orchestrated flavors. Takka Takka’s Gabriel Levine’s harsh, narcoleptic guitars, twittering strings, whack-a-mole woodwinds and pratfall percussion journey from surf-rock noir to chamber-folk foliage, coloring flustered, rustic hubris from cathartic hearts.

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