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  • Mimicking Birds

    Album title: Layers of Us
    Record Label: Glacial Pace
    by John Noyd
    December 2017
    (855) Page Views

    Mimicking Birds - Layers of Us

    Mimicking Birds - Layers of Us

    Deep-shag magnets grab placid jangle-rocked psych-pop while the plush head-rush tucked in, “Layers,” peels slow-motion vertigo from swinging whimsy for courteous dervishes wringing shimmering lyrics from sun-soaked foot-notes. Melodic, space-age soothsayers, Mimicking Birds shepherd electric fret-filled daydreams bouncing around big-sky horizons and diamond-studded beaches in translucent shaman harmonies. The Portland outfit plays FRZN Fest January 18th at Madison’s Majestic Theater.

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