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  • Parquet Courts

    Album title: Light Up Gold
    Record Label: What's Your Rupture?
    by John Noyd
    December 2012
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    Parquet Courts - Light Up Gold

    Parquet Courts - Light Up Gold

    Kinked-up and callous, PC’s barbecued ballast blasts upfront punk bristling in casual swagger. Side-swiped, hot-wired and sand-blasted; the band’s scrawny garage-rock blues produces greasy treats from shearing lyrics and lightning-bolt solos weaving tight-fisted riffs from unvarnished carnage. Abrupt cuts rustle up whiplashed balderdash within grinning six-string fingering, rolling, “Gold,” over knotty white-water subplots into brawny honesty wrapped around devilish merriment.

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