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  • Tobacco

    Album title: Maniac Meat
    Record Label: Anticon
    by John Noyd
    June 2010
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    Tobacco - Maniac Meat

    Tobacco - Maniac Meat

    Bots gone amok in tilt-a-whirl curls and crunchy bungee-jumping plunges, Tobacco’s bionic bubblegum conundrums makes unrestrained graininess and over-modulated mayhem rock and rumble, hiss and fizzle. Molten sunshine pours over bristling synth-grunge dance-pop, sinister vintage plays abrasive cabaret, stomping out beefy, belching bass as, “Meat” grills electro-static sludge; brash pneumatic habits punctuating eerie, super-saturated riffs.

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