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  • Gun Outfit

    Album title: Out of Range
    Record Label: Paradise of Bachelors
    by John Noyd
    October 2017
    (878) Page Views

    Gun Outfit - Out of Range

    Gun Outfit - Out of Range

    Free-range jangle wrangling electric post-rock Americana, cattle-driving Longfellows, Gun Outfit, corral back-alley allegations with ripped six-string fences hanging handcuffed shuffles over box-canyon reverb and lazy-river rhythms. Rainy-day vibes yield foggy trots whose storming contortions pour down hard while the warm and inviting, “Range,” untangles stainless-steel tumbleweed from dreamy full-moon fevers, drenching hound-dog harmonies with rambling riffs jamming beneath starry skies.

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