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  • Robbing Millions

    Album title: Robbing Millions
    Record Label: Play It Again Sam
    by John Noyd
    July 2016
    (1283) Page Views

    Robbing Millions - Robbing Millions

    Robbing Millions - Robbing Millions

    Quick-pivoting time signatures capture left-brain quatrains in micro-encapsulated packages mapping Robbing Millions’ sharp, intriguing seizures onto art-prog dream-pop. Scoring shiny choruses with savvy calibrations, the Belgian quintet’s supple self-titled tidal-wave blazes through succinct tiddlywink sprints out-thinking dance-rock street-smarts with unglued jazz fusions while dramatic catapults discharging syncopated counterpoint dissect clever pleasures with telekinetic intellect inventing bendable dimensions beneath sizzling juxtaposition.

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