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  • múm

    Album title: Smilewound
    Record Label: Morr Music
    by John Noyd
    August 2013
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    múm - Smilewound

    múm - Smilewound

    Vagrant angels float and sing, tangled in cheeky beats sugar-coated in covert emotions and catchy treachery; harnessing harmonious carnivals, deceptive fairy-tale affections and funky bungee-jumped productions, “Smilewound,” sprinkles slinky electro-pop trinkets in insect textures, painting dainty restraint beneath lively, spiraling strings. Coy, punch-card marvels orbiting chamber-pop concoctions, múm’s squeaky-clean demons dance between fleeting Mona Lisa teasers and sleepy deep-space complacency.

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