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  • Marching Church

    Album title: Telling It Like It Is
    Record Label: Sacred Bones
    by John Noyd
    September 2016
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    Marching Church - Telling It Like It Is

    Marching Church - Telling It Like It Is

    Sweltering in basement-blues heated to trigger-finger simmering, “Telling,” breaks free and lets loose unleashing well-chiseled sizzle twitching stream-lined fits in edgy rock-gospel baptisms where slovenly Svengali honesty jostles burning earnest dub-punk effigies. Lashing out in thundering stunners, Marching Church’s deliberate mischief wrestles in relentless intensity lunging towards frontman Elias Bender R√łnnenfelt’s burden-shirking urgency shivering in unshackled cackles and sumptuous umbrage.

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