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  • Deerhoof

    Album title: The Magic
    Record Label: Polyvinyl
    by John Noyd
    May 2016
    (2032) Page Views

    Deerhoof - The Magic

    Deerhoof - The Magic

    Tinkering in twerk-worthy earthiness, Deerhoof’s psychedelic shin-digs dodge and bop atop unstoppable chops, popping out funky home-grown grooves alongside noise-pop juggernauts. Heavy with levity, the foursome’s unpredictably trippy frack-rock talents gets goosed and let loose for fun, wigged-out hullabaloos. Euphoric avant-garage barn-burners dressed in reckless affection and smile-filled abandon turns the snap, crackle and blunt head-rushes inside, “Magic,” positively magnetic.

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