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  • Unkle

    Album title: The Road Part 1
    Record Label: Cooking Vinyl
    by John Noyd
    July 2017
    (915) Page Views

    Unkle - The Road Part 1

    Unkle - The Road Part 1

    Enthralling and exotic, softly methodical and curiously subversive, “Road,” journeys through soulful doldrums past heart-pounding grooves draped in svelte, acoustic interludes. Diligent wisdom marches guarded desires down cavalier travelogues unraveling diva soliloquies teased in majestic poltergeist sketches of gripping visions; elaborate collapse greets seamless segues throughout Unkle’s dawn-breaking studio symphonies simmering with synthetic tentacles threatening cap-sized rapture and reckless spectacle.

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