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  • Beyond the Wizard's Sleeve

    Album title: The Soft Bounce
    Record Label: Phantasy
    by John Noyd
    June 2016
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    Beyond the Wizard's Sleeve - The Soft Bounce

    Beyond the Wizard's Sleeve - The Soft Bounce

    Coiled embroidered matrixes constructed from phlanged patchouli-fueled fantasies sandwiched among acid-blasted detours and paisley-flavored jams, “Bounce,” renounces earth-bound reality, pitching cross-stitched instruments zipped in ultra-hip lysergic grooviness. Eclectic adventurers launching jet-propelled mind-trips around starry collages, BTWS’ enlightened titans stir paranormal storms formed around surreal feelings as celestial sirens call out in day-glo mojo to cosmic sailors lost in scorched rainbow-rock.

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