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  • Brother Reverend

    Album title: The Tables Turn Too Often
    Record Label: self-release
    by John Noyd
    August 2018
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    Brother Reverend - The Tables Turn Too Often

    Brother Reverend - The Tables Turn Too Often

    Moonshine-primed rabble-rousing spills from bohemian-themed honky-tonk, turning, “Tables,” into flimflam jams liquored in riverboat burlesque and juke-joint jamborees churning out loose-knitted blues-rooted story-songs bent in carnival charm, sideshow hokum and tale-spinning whimsy. Dandy shenanigans bandied between basement raves, backwoods hootenannies and greasy-spoon ballrooms, Brother Reverend revive and revel in weathered garage-gospel hospitality, indie-rock jesters grifting rickety wisdom from dubious collusion.

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