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  • Paul de Jong

    Album title: You Fucken Sucker
    Record Label: Temporary Residence
    by John Noyd
    March 2018
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    Paul de Jong - You Fucken Sucker

    Paul de Jong - You Fucken Sucker

    A Turing test with Tourette’s, “Sucker,” disassociates and negotiates, stimulates and sublimates, leaping between the subliminal and the criminal through gothic-blues mind-control blending Dickensian references, terror-riddled ragas sparring schizophrenic targets and manipulated field-recordings exploring stymied ironies. Donning multiple sonic costumes, de Jong conjures conceptual laboratories to concoct provocative art, juxtaposing gross notions broaching social boundaries beside rebellious critiques preaching mirror-holding sociology.

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