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  • Slipped Discs November 2019

    Discs You May Have Missed
    by John Noyd

    Rebecca Turner - photo by Robert Langdon

    Rebecca Turner - photo by Robert Langdon

    Initial Thoughts

    The year begins packing up with November records on the go. Be it smart sharpshooter REBECCA TURNER’s love rodeo, “The New Wrong Way,” cross-spectrum conceptualist YANN NOVAK’s amniotic immersions, “Slowly Dismantling,” or dance-punk conundrums OMNI’s brittle riddles, “Networker,”  autumn albums scramble. Catch up to seaside psychos UNITED WATER’s submerged excursions, “Coma To Coma,” before boarding midnight counselor SAM MILLER’s melodious stoic poetry, “In One Place At A Time.” Carry on.

    Disc Reviews

    Rachel Grimes - The Way Forth

    Rachel Grimes - The Way Forth

    Rachel Grimes

    Album title: The Way Forth
    Record Label: Temporary Residence Limited

    A theatrical time capsule capturing prairie arias, settler soliloquies and rural ruminations; Grimes’ divine Folk Opera offers documentary memories examining Manifest Destiny while Western Expansion dances among minstrel shows and letters home. Multiple view points from bandshell barkers to second-generation perspectives carry, “Forth,” through heavenly choirs and biographical fragments, glorious story-telling orchestras weaving hoe-downs, sojourns and history into reverent evidence.

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    Sean Henry - A Jump From The High Dive

    Sean Henry - A Jump From The High Dive

    Sean Henry

    Album title: A Jump From The High Dive
    Record Label: Double Double Whammy

    Cock-eyed sardonic rock stocked in slacker melodramatics, “Dive,” rides millennial divides slinging six-pack garage-pop against surf-punk smugness and indie-jangle sunshine. Free-wheeling chameleons Sean Henry display different faces with flippant simplicity and clever leveraged whimsy, softly mocking catchy affections with cheeky rhymes and bouncy renouncement; frivolous pillaging skillfully wielding wicked wit in sick jams digging ironic self-acknowledgment with savvy savage craftsmanship.

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    Majjin Boo - Go Between

    Majjin Boo - Go Between

    Majjin Boo

    Album title: Go Between
    Record Label: Egghunt Records

    Jet-fueled power-pop dropping top-of-the-lungs math-rock onto weighty emotional cave-ins from bolstered reflex-injected explosions, Majjin Boo wrestle bereft regrets with heft and sweat; swift and dominant stalkers seeking chain lightning among machine-gun thunder. Trampoline fiends trading laser riffs fitted into start-stop blockbusters, “Between,” turn on the high beams careening over tire-squealing prog whose cruise-missile epistles launch conscious taunts for razor-sharp romps.

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    Itasca - Spring

    Itasca - Spring


    Album title: Spring
    Record Label: Paradise of Bachelors

    Country harvests rich in restless cleansing, rainy-day engagements grazing in fence-mending splendor, Itasca navigates intimate sympathies beneath exquisite six-string inquisitions framed by humble strums and subtle flash. Brisk trills and crisp fills decorate, “Spring,” spinning sad bittersweet ballads washed in centerless tempos, mournful chords and sagebrush twang; laundered quandaries folding close-quarter encouragements into fragile folk gossamer hung from box-canyon bridges.

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    Coma - Voyage Voyage

    Coma - Voyage Voyage


    Album title: Voyage Voyage
    Record Label: City Slang

    Chill, switched-on click-pop bobs in grand clandestine fanfare, steering a gleaming cyber-scenic, “Voyage Voyage,” past startled heartbeats, aching souls and brazen brain-waves with medicated raves skating on slinky morning-after haze. Modern transistorized romantics COMA sprinkles passive dazzle over famished trance, pl

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    Rachael Dadd - Flux

    Rachael Dadd - Flux

    Rachael Dadd

    Album title: Flux
    Record Label: Memphis Industries

    Beautiful nightingale chamber-folk unfurling quicksilver rhythms with nimble art-pop visions and jazz casual accuracy in banjo-driven sophistication, Dadd’s compound rounds, slippery jigs and ballerina boogie delight in bright, diaphanous dialectics. Glowing vocals, klezmer clarinet and winged strings, “Flux,” flutters in butterfly landings, crackling campfires and rippling creeks, noble and focused opuses whose persuasive sway resolves knotted logic with dashing ingenuity.

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    Final Thoughts

    Winter’s long nights find respite in eloquent sentimentalist EMILY JANE WHITE’s poised, poison-pen remedies, “Immanent Fire” harmonic guitar-poppers VETIVER’s freshly-pressed confections, “Up On High,” and bewitching indie WISHED BONE’s wholesome folk-pop inversions, “Sap Season.” Cozy up to tropical gloss-pop gossipers GIRL RAY’s flute-kissed lip-service, “Girl,” rock-dervishes DJUNAH’s industrial bop, “Ex Voto,” and proactive dabbler INGS’ playful crayon-box, “Lullaby Rock,” then hunker down with intergalactic maverick MATT VALENTINE’s, gangly guru-blues, “Preserves,” melted velvet vampires BLACK LETTERS’ enticing digi-lounge encounters, “Still As You,” and worldly songbird ODESSA’s sensitive, high-flying, doe-eyed, “All Things.”