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  • Slipped Discs December 2020

    Discs You May Have Missed
    by John Noyd



    Initial Thoughts

    Fear not, December releases deliver lots of optimistic incentives. Positive solace arrives inside ambient ranch-hands SUSS’ lonesome Big-Sky fly-bys, “Promise,” pensive cosmopolitan sequencer LATE NIGHT FINAL’s extended mind-benders, “A Wonderful Hope,” and celestial messengers THE HAMRAHLÍÐ CHOIR’s plush Icelandic meta-lullabies, “Come and Be Joyful.” Meanwhile, brighter futures include futuristic fusionist SON LUX‘s purring, whirling mercies, “Tomorrow II,” and hard-swinging soft-jazz groovologists WYL & WUN TWO’s ultra-cool loops, “We Talk Tomorrow.”

    Disc Reviews

    Easter Island - Take All the Time You Think You Need

    Easter Island - Take All the Time You Think You Need

    Easter Island

    Album title: Take All the Time You Think You Need
    Record Label: Self-Release

    Calm harmonies skate over languid pangs and bittersweet changes while Easter Island’s carpeted heartache shimmers in unlimited forgiveness, embattled sadness embraced by tender interventions and compliant alliances. An indie-pop safety-net stretched from gorgeous choruses to hushed touches, “Take,” creates chivalrous missions from incandescent penance, racing in triumphant percussion chasing starlit guitars sparking bell-tower power-chords among washed-ashore keyboards and second-wind finishes.   

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    Elif Yalvaç - Mountains Become Stepping Stones

    Elif Yalvaç - Mountains Become Stepping Stones

    Elif Yalvaç

    Album title: Mountains Become Stepping Stones
    Record Label: NNA Tapes

    Tasty abrasions dissolve into alien landings absorbing monolithic transmissions colored in unmuzzled fuzz, disintegrating fades and stuttering buzz; the metamorphic, “Mountains,” bellows and buckles beneath tonal coronas and chromatic chasms captured by stroboscopic mitosis. Shape-shifting enigmas signaling from manufactured catastrophes, Yalvaç squeezes mammoth waves from blossoming throbs and radiant decay while chronic tectonics rise from dense frenzy to deep frequencies,

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    Kevin Godley - Muscle Memory

    Kevin Godley - Muscle Memory

    Kevin Godley

    Album title: Muscle Memory
    Record Label: The State51 Conspiracy

    Philosophical offerings bristle in fluid brooding as Godley lobs probing vocals over techno-focused dystopias; slithering images and coiled semiotics snake past seething reason opposing capital-saturated media feeds and booming consumer vacuums. Cynical intimidation from venomous victims playing language games employing topical propaganda, “Muscle,” fusses in subtle cusses and immaculate beats; sly, stylistic mischief waxing over global meltdowns and psychic crises.

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    Bon Bon Vivant - Dancing in the Darkness

    Bon Bon Vivant - Dancing in the Darkness

    Bon Bon Vivant

    Album title: Dancing in the Darkness
    Record Label: Self-Release

    From woozy jubilees to sobering eulogies, “Darkness” barks in braying brass and steamy reeds fired in torch-song soliloquies reflecting sensuous reverence with flowing condolences and passionate gratitude. Hungry for life, New Orleans’s Bon Bon Vivant put down roots while reaching for the sky, embracing bawdy voodoo klezmer, street-parade funk and sweet champagne ballads that devour the sweet and the sour.

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    M. Ward - Think of Spring

    M. Ward - Think of Spring

    M. Ward

    Album title: Think of Spring
    Record Label: ANTI-

    Fragile magic casting mellow spells, Ward turns Billie Holiday classics into discerning interpretations for voice and acoustic guitar, spotlighting hesitant regrets and pressing confessions through timid insinuating minimalism. Hip, cool, and wise while pining, lost in lover’s limbo, “Spring,” swings in sighing hindsight and fond farewells; intricate, sophisticated blues left at the altar dressed in nuanced truth and warm regards.

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    Lavender Diamond - Now Is The Time

    Lavender Diamond - Now Is The Time

    Lavender Diamond

    Album title: Now Is The Time
    Record Label: Petaluma Records

    Buoyant soirees poured over chilled vibes and house-guest benevolence, the refined, “Time,” pitches rich, architecturally measured treasures, discovering hovering pleasures in melodic messages; lofty chamber-pop swansongs whose energetic chemistry swoon in velvet well-wishing and lush encouragements. Empathetic emissaries and art-parlor angels, Lavender Diamond’s soothing muses woo, cruise and fuse seasoned carefree teases, braiding bright inviting asides around deep meaningful dreams.

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    Final Thoughts

    Countering the year end’s supportive morsels, December albums also court assorted disasters. Whether you side with gruff blues-roots busker DUFF THOMPSON‘s haunted honky-tonk, “Haywire,” or prog-rock opera prophets TDW‘s symphonic histrionics, “The Days the Clocks Stopped,” dark days persuade our internal renegades. Take your chances with eighties-based tastemaker PAUL JACKS’ synth-swaddled yacht-rock, “Black Jackal,” and indie-rock polisher QUARTER-LIFE CRISIS’, shiny, cameo-studded EP, “Quarter-Life Crisis,” before cautiously opting for R&B boudoir suitor AN ONLY CHILD‘s lovelorn sojourns “Prepare the Body,” or snarky charmer IZAAK OPATZ‘s classic country-pop covers, “Hot & Heavy-Handed.”