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Slipped Discs December 2010

Discs you may have missed | by John Noyd

Puppin sisters

The year’s end usually consists of holiday-themed CDs, gift-worthy reissues and the curious solo projects. Not to begrudge THE PUPPINI SISTERS’ rosy, cozy, robust, “Christmas with the Puppini Sisters,” THE BOY LEAST LIKELY TO’s wickedly winsome, “Christmas Special,” THE SUPERIONS’ deliciously fruity, “Destination…Christmas” or mind-blowing live JEFFERSON AIRPLANE circa 1966 plus deluxe editions of classic albums from KING CRIMSON, QUEENSRYCHE and TOM PETTY but for December’s seasonal blessings go solo.

Slipped Discs appears every month in print in Maximum Ink music magazine, this months reviews are:

The Innocence Mission - My Room in the Trees

The Innocence Mission

My Room in the Trees
Record Label: Badman Recordings
Review published: August 2010

Sweetly sleepy poetry acquiesces beautiful folk-jazz acoustics; nuanced and modestly confidence, embroidered tapestries cushion TIM’s passively happy and quietly kind observations. Graceful descriptions waft between quaint restraint and captivating compassion. Tentative and demure, “Room,” provides tranquil relief through wide-eyed wonder languishing within waking piano, whispery strings and dreamy guitars.

Terry Ohms - What Do You Mean What Do I Mean?

Terry Ohms

What Do You Mean What Do I Mean?
Record Label: Skybucket
Review published: November 2010

Rambling musical munchies welcome blissful hippies and slick hipsters into rainbow roadhouses and sunshine sideshows as Vulture Whale’s Wes McDonald unleashes loose-lipped lyrics over languid street corner boogie and tasty Southern funk. Party-dude grooves elevating scruffy shuffles to Orgone-lubricated sojourns, “Mean,” celebrates life’s idiosyncratic happenings, a free-wheeling eco-friendly Bohemia poured into blessedly messy drawls, devil-may-care come-ons and stoked folk-jam remedies.

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Birthmark - Shaking Hands


Shaking Hands
Record Label: Hidden Agenda
Review published: November 2010

Synthesizing and simplifying haunting chamber-jazz into sequestered sambas and cinematic symphonies, Joan of Arc’s multi-instrumentalist Nate Kinsella spawns songs drawn from resplendent intelligence; composing potent tones honed and harnessed, methodically weighed and conveyed. Smoothing moods and stirring scourges. “Hands,” cerebrally conceived art-folk moments juggle backwards tracks and monochromatic mantras to create precarious canvases, pairing acoustic solitude alongside avant rabbit-hole confessions.

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Brian James - Brian James Gang

Brian James

Brian James Gang
Record Label: Easy Action
Review published: November 2010

The Damned’s former guitarist cruises bargain basement blues in leathery, rock and roll ecstasy, squeezing out ballsy British punk-rock rants in snarling, cat-scratch flash and rabid, stabbing grit. Amped up and adamant, “Gang,” rumbles with bristling swagger, dancing along powder keg edges while lighting nuclear fuses. Mod, fitful firing squads sculpt churning, anarchist’s shrapnel, prowling provocatively beneath seething cathartic artistry

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Radioseed - There Has To Be More


There Has To Be More
Record Label: Quince
Review published: November 2010

Serving cosmic cocktails in vibrant trip-hop gospel and shambolic ambient landscapes, Eurovillage’s Peter Wikstrom lays sun-kissed synths over dazzling Belize-teased beats. Androgynous dreamboat psychedelia sashays down air-brushed runways, turbo-lifted into paisley gravy and padded madness. Stratospheric furnaces cook delirious conspiracies, melting swells and poolside exotica. Ushering carpets of calm, “More” extends, suspends and upends convention within imagination’s all-night disco temple.

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Rusty Willoughby - Cobirds Unite

Rusty Willoughby

Cobirds Unite
Record Label: Local 638
Review published: November 2010

Veteran of Seattle bands Pure Joy and The Llamas. Willoughby gathers talented friends together to croon clue-strewn Americana constructed from vagabond bravado and heart-felt camaraderie. Decorated in classy attachments, “Cobirds,” blends vibraphones to steel guitars, banjos and cellos before injecting Visqueen’s Rachel Flotard’s ghostly back-up vocals into burnished, burnt-out ballads dipped in desolate effortlessness, alt-country hunches formed from waltzing thoughts.

Darren Hayman and the Secondary Modern - Essex Arms

Darren Hayman and the Secondary Modern

Essex Arms
Record Label: Fortuna POP
Review published: November 2010

Hefner’s Hayman weaves beautiful, magpie melodies inside English folk-rock serenades; brisk, busker’s delights laced in sweet, solemn solace and poetic biography. Adventurous remembrance culled from sharp, detailed hindsight and a journalist’s lens, “Essex,” breeches bittersweet sequences, framing youthful folly as personal mementos, adolescent messages turned into classic verbal portraits wistfully pilfering willful nostalgia, exhuming a vanishing era in crafted memories.

Final Thoughts

Solo projects, side projects, one-time collaborations; the season simmers with musicians comingling. From former members of Black Dice and Town & Country come SOFT CIRCLE’s electro-rock fantasies, “Shore Obsessed,” Animal + Bitch’s ANIMAL PRUFROCK unfurls whimsical socio-political folk-funk on, “congratulations; thank you + I’m sorry,” meanwhile Grateful Dead’s Bill Kreutzmann, the Meters’ Harry Porter Jr. and Papa Mali conjure swamp-funk mojo in their deep-fried self-titled debut, “7 Walkers.” Lastly, cross-pollinating cultures inspire exotic synergy as Sufi, Middle Eastern and Indian prodigies team to weave the rich, bewitching tapestry, “Nagore Sessions”

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