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  • Slipped Discs June 2012

    Discs You May Have Missed
    by John Noyd

    Sarah Aroeste

    Sarah Aroeste

    Initial Thoughts

    Not to slight electro-pop wise-guys STEPDAD’s effervescent menace, “Wildlife Pop,” erupting drummers MAN FOREVER’s rumbling undulating tsunamis, “Pansophical Cataract,”  or slow-burning heart-breaker BOBBY WOMACK’s cyber-funky, “The Bravest Man in the Universe.” but this month is focused on females. Check out Latin rock-pop feminist SARAH AROESTE’s luxurious diversions, “Gracia,” angelic dream-pop duo THE HUNDRED IN THE HANDS’ interstellar revelry, “Red Night,” or American nomad IMANI UZURI’s noble trans-global soul, “The Gypsy Diaries,” because whether driving force or fashionable collaborator, women rule June’s grooves

    Disc Reviews

    Nouela - Chants

    Nouela - Chants


    Album title: Chants
    Record Label: Control Group Records

    Marrying matter-of-fact melodramatics to arresting piano-based pop “Chants,” plants scorching torch-song scorn alongside prowling nightclub lust. Unveiling lively insights inside sophisticated sizzle, former People Eating People front-woman composes imploring stories rich in major mojo. Playing the majority of instruments as well as co-producing, Nouela’s beguiling trials bring swinging invigorating taunts born of world-wounded wisdom and drenched in flirtatious jungle stealth

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    Nouela online:

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    Kelly Hogan - I Like to Keep Myself in Pain

    Kelly Hogan - I Like to Keep Myself in Pain

    Kelly Hogan

    Album title: I Like to Keep Myself in Pain
    Record Label: ANTI

    Embodying doe-eye survivors and embittered vixens, Hogan tackles Texas kickers glazed in café academics and honky-tonk philosophy rousing gospel-blues wearing cowboy boots, sneakers and high heels, “Pain,”: hosts smoky tones inside jukebox bop, Bubbly condolences hug observant mercies, funky country confessions stocked in battered kindnesses and wronged romance supply supple scenarios fueling dusky Delta voodoo, post-fiesta heartache and organ-driven R&B. 

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    Echo Lake - Wild Peace

    Echo Lake - Wild Peace

    Echo Lake

    Album title: Wild Peace
    Record Label: Slumberland Records

    Poltergeist rock steeped in sleepy reverb, “Peace,” radiates cagey patience; icy, isometric psychedelics traced in fiery spirals.  The London duo’s nebulous efforts yield restlessly propulsive results as singer-songstress Linda Jarvis sparkles inside Thom Hill’s spelunker’s wonderland. Purring, whirling space-age stoner sonar stirs shiny calliopes into tissue-paper tempests, stitching galactic mattresses stuffed with serrated jangle, subatomic harlots and corrosive rainbow solos.

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    Neneh Cherry and the Thing - The Cherry Thing

    Neneh Cherry and the Thing - The Cherry Thing

    Neneh Cherry and the Thing

    Album title: The Cherry Thing
    Record Label: Smalltown Supersound

    A groovy Medusa, Cherry reworks the Stooges, Suicide, Ornette Coleman and her father’s fringe binges in avant-garde decisions. Conjuring cathartic visions via roller-coaster devotions, “Thing,” yearns for complex pleasures, exhuming the brutal and the beautiful, expressing turbulent worries through free jazz fevers, braying sax, bullish bass and Tommy-gun drums; bold, controlling emotions wrapped tight aching to embrace the world.

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    Neneh Cherry and the Thing online:

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    Marissa Nadler - The Sister

    Marissa Nadler - The Sister

    Marissa Nadler

    Album title: The Sister
    Record Label: Box of Cedar

    Trolling ghosts strummed from courtyard guitars lifted in slightly surreal tranquility, Nadler’s ephemeral gems shepard rainy-day phrases roasted over fond remembrance and hung under widow silhouettes; wind-tossed blossoms simmering in minstrel eloquence, seasoned in spell-binding ambience. The plucked, struck and quietly corrupted performances cavort in post-modern folk as stately sorceresses cast, “Sister,” in whispering steel-guitar sympathies and supportive keyboard choirs.

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    Marissa Nadler online:

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    The Mynabirds - Generals

    The Mynabirds - Generals

    The Mynabirds

    Album title: Generals
    Record Label: Saddle Creek

    Armed in barbaric bass and tribal beats, bombshell mambos get dressed in contrapuntal thunder pasting neo-New Wave ruckus to girl-group goose-steps. Lo-fi pop cinched in synth-rinsed rock, “Generals,” generates thrill-ride exuberance. Guided by explosive blues-fueled momentum, The Mynabird’s brain-child Laura Burhenn crafts muscular melodic odysseys; charming armaments commanding tantrums in tantric chants micro-managing savage ballad aftermaths while channeling rallying challenges.

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    The Mynabirds online:

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    Final Thoughts

    Take away the human voice and music becomes genderless but certainly not androgynous. From deep-fried slide guitarist SONNY LANDRETH’s squealing cactus boogie visiting Caribbean rhythms and swamp-water blues during, “Elemental Journey,” down to versatile brass-plated pile-drivers MUCCA PAZZA’s mesmerizing klezmer, honkin’ stomps and gypsy conniptions inside, “Safety Fifth,” instrumentals possess multi-faceted personalities. Summer summons schizophrenic jazz trio FLY’s self-determined murmurs, languid language and unfettered meditations on, “Year of the Snake,” and conservatory cross-pollinators PORTLAND CELLO PROJECT’s orchestrated playfulness reinterpreting Lil Wayne, Kanye and Jay-Z in the silky-smooth, genre-busting, fun-loving, “Homage.”