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  • Slipped Discs June 2014

    Discs You May Have Missed
    by John Noyd

    Spanish Gold

    Spanish Gold

    Initial Thoughts

    June moves. Whether chasing trans-dimensional pied-piper WIFE’s festering electric subtext, “What’s Between,” heading into dodgy indie-rockers SPANISH GOLD’s crackling soul-jam swagger, “South of Nowhere,” or tracking down machine-tooled groover CHALLENGER’s sultry, propulsive robo-pop hybrids, “Back to Bellevue,” a restlessness caresses summer listening. Stalk playground-pop anarchist HALF-HANDED CLOUD’s hand-crafted theosophical cocktail, “Flying Scroll Flight Control,” then explore exhaustive rockers LOWER’s bullet-proof pursuit, “Seek Warmer Climes,” and your journey is the destination

    Disc Reviews

    Alexander Turnquist - Flying Fantasy

    Alexander Turnquist - Flying Fantasy

    Alexander Turnquist

    Album title: Flying Fantasy
    Record Label: Western Vinyl

    Twelve-string inspirations arranged around classical instruments and modern electronics; master guitarist Turnquist composes sparkling armor whose tight-knit bliss calm and excite, curious flurries that circle and take flight. Stirring churning murmurs, “Fantasy,” gallantly dallies; Zen engines bending and blending into dappled catacombs; mystical, cyclical hives buzzing in resounding rounds, doused in quivering rhythms and plucked like weeds from still-water dreams.

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    Kan Wakan - Moving On

    Kan Wakan - Moving On

    Kan Wakan

    Album title: Moving On
    Record Label: Verve

    Soft gloss, sumptuous gumption and lavish dazzle glide through shellacked chromatics as the tenderly coddled and runway-modeled, “Moving,” beautifully fumes, discretely feasts and casually fathoms panoramic fantasies. Epic pledges sprinkled in sinister grit; jazz-addled lounge lizards drizzle soul-sister kisses over super-sleuth movies leaving, Kan Wakan’s brassy, sassy orchestration snuggled beneath poised chords breathing cinematic passions into chiffon trip-hop symphonics.

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    Miniature Tigers - Cruel Runnings

    Miniature Tigers - Cruel Runnings

    Miniature Tigers

    Album title: Cruel Runnings
    Record Label: YEBO Music

    The light fluffy buzz inherent in Miniature Tigers’ synthesized dollops of summer-time power-pop trigger snickering predictions from romantic grifters; slippery dilettantes cultivating sly, shy conceits through cheeky star-spangled jangle garnished in varnished harmonies, pining ironies and subversive mirth. Schooled in bright-colored cool, “Cruel,” balances bashful nostalgia beside smarmy charm; hunting love’s wily smiles while juggling smug bop and irrepressible zest. Be sure to check out the band when they play Madison’s The Frequency July 22nd.

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    Secret Cities - Walk Me Home

    Secret Cities - Walk Me Home

    Secret Cities

    Album title: Walk Me Home
    Record Label: Western Vinyl

    A coy and cunning hodge-podge, “Home,” hones vaudeville operas erecting stage-setting testaments; heavenly indie-rock jaunts flaunting haunting music-hall gestalt. Breezy twee conceived as palatial chamber-pop doo-wop unrolls golden hand-holding emotions stitching Pollyanna stomps onto friendly melodies, flighty choirs and ambient tantrums. Living separate lives, Secret Cities’ combined stylistic finds produce swooning unity buoyed by time-traveling swan-songs bottled in spectral vessels.

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    Meshell Ndegeocello - Comet, Come To Me

    Meshell Ndegeocello - Comet, Come To Me

    Meshell Ndegeocello

    Album title: Comet, Come To Me
    Record Label: Naive

    Melted stealth poured over trickling riffs; Ndegeocello’s tasteful, playful forays into cozy soul, regal reggae and magical jazz conjure microcosmic blossoms inside pristine improvisations for celestial struts cast in smoky vocals and frisky apparitions carved from cyber-funky jams. Delicate senses tinted in textured menace, “Comet,” slinks, sinks and out-thinks buffed lust and supple mistrust; delicious mischief from exquisite art-pop pixels.

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    Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Only Run

    Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Only Run

    Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

    Album title: Only Run
    Record Label: self-release

    Dire diary-writing draped in mind-altering escapes, “Run,” funnels adamant battles from unraveling battalions into humane refrains, seething pleads and heartening pardons. Savory synth-blues bravery caked in dream-pop decay and alt-rock camaraderie; the band’s solid apologist and heroic motivator Alec Ounsworth masterminds a dynamic stamina fortifying resolve as it exposes our most vulnerable sides. CYHSY play Madison’s Majestic Theater June 12th.

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    Final Thoughts

    From DINOWALRUS to DAVID GRAY June features a half dozen discs from artists whose names begin with D. Decidedly delirious, the devilish DUB THOMPSON’s dangerously bangin’ “9 Songs,” kicks off the cavalcade with ragged dread-head energy.. Meanwhile, divine-pop architect DEVON WILLIAM’s dense, intense, “Gilding the Lily,” and deep soul psyche-folkies THE DONKEY’s double-dipped trip, “Ride the Black Wave,” devise, defy and revive with vigorous revisionism. Desolate midnight drifters THE DELINE’s sweet, devious heartache, “Colfax,” and dynamite indie-rock synergists DEAD STARS’ daring super-nova diplomacy, “Slumber,” round off June’s diverse delights.