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Slipped Discs October 2014

Discs you may have missed | by John Noyd

We Were Promised Jetpacks

Cock-eyed October is askew with musical titles focused on the broken. From crisp, industrial-crusted alt-rockers WE WERE PROMISED JETPACK’s dystopian commotion, “Unravelling,” to smoldering folkie GROUPER’s sleepy reprieves, “Ruins,” autumn albums binge on the unhinged. Straining at the bit, envelope-pushing guitar-wizard DUSTIN WONG and whimsical J-pop all-star TAKAKO MINEKAWA’s collaborative electro-ballet, “Savage Imagination,” and shambling shamans PURLING HISS’ heavily electric-folk art-punk, “Weirdon,” find fantastic aspirations in the fringes. Steady yourself.

Slipped Discs appears every month in print in Maximum Ink music magazine, this months reviews are:

Itasca - Unmoored by the Wind


Unmoored by the Wind
Record Label: New Images
Review published: September 2014

Diaphanous old-world folk, Itasca’s singular picking, sophisticated visions and fearless lyrics weave caressing investigations into candle-lit fairyland dances, folding post-hypnotic layers of murky memories into bewitching pond-water ripples trickling in wintry introspection. Wandering through sweet twilight-inspired delights whose exquisite clockwork searches cloak endless questions, “Unmoored,” explores ghostly foreboding within magical acoustic madrigals, dissecting enduring desires lost, squandered in romantic longing.

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Ex Hex - Rips

Ex Hex

Record Label: Merge
Review published: September 2014

Shotgun pop-rock fire roaring chords and tricky riffs as, “Rips,” trips in guitar-powered powders showered in barracuda cool and driven with seductive friction. Bossy posses plying the raucous art of ominous harmonics, Ex Hex’s sparring darlings toss delicious barb-wired hooks baited in amazing zing, air-brushed lust and late-night flings packed in glitter-punk crunch, passion-trashed flash and polished New Wave cravings.

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Steve Gunn - Way Out Weather

Steve Gunn

Way Out Weather
Record Label: Paradise of Bachelors
Review published: September 2014

Organic, multi-stringed folk-symphonies seethe in slithering space-blues figures anchored in wriggling gringo rhythms; Gunn’s chattering talisman groove in elaborate slabs of tubular nuance. An unfettered zoo wild with collaborative habitats, “Weather,” churns electric devils from avenging crescendos; jammy candied banshees roasted in campfire crackle and dry-wood moan, baking tasty bandit-rock from sunny alt-country cunning, quicksilver shadows running under reclusive guru-roots.

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Bell Gardens - Slow Dawns for Lost Conclusions

Bell Gardens

Slow Dawns for Lost Conclusions
Record Label: Rocket Girl
Review published: September 2014

Swaddled narco-ballads whose whispery distance colors subtle sunrises in heavenly meditations, “Slow,” flows in deep-breathing twee seasoned in glacial vapors and hazy flavors. Demure concerns addressed in heart-piercing directness, scant demands stand beneath beautiful hues while Bell Gardens’ delicate, speckled moods rise in majestic splendor amid grand piano, yawning laptop-steel and comforting choirs; somber insomnia slogging knee-deep towards celestial serenity.

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Martin Carr - The Breaks

Martin Carr

The Breaks
Record Label: Tapete Records
Review published: September 2014

A perceptive pop pariah, plundering jukebox wunderkind Carr’s uncanny knack for rapturous rhapsodies brews crooning magpie stews steeped in aptly-turned phrases painting ingenious scenery and ultra-melodic blossoms falling from hummable humanist tumbles. Guided by a scavenger’s waggish navigation, “Breaks,” traipse British quips around ironic wit, bubblegum fuzz and sumptuous chamber-jangle; slyly colliding upbeat epiphanies into cheeky sympathies and colorful imagery.

Pieta Brown - Paradise Outlaw

Pieta Brown

Paradise Outlaw
Record Label: Red House Records
Review published: September 2014

Recorded in Bon Iver’s Wisconsin studio, “Outlaw,” echoes in abandoned canyons, riding lively gypsy rivers down to lazy pools of mountain-blues. Creaky swamp-waltzes canter and meander as Brown’s pliable folk-bop juggle love-note lullabies and cautionary propositions through hand-holding coaxing and coy phantom incantations. An amiable auteur adept at story and song, Pieta performs October 17th at the Stoughton Opera House.

Final Thoughts

Belaboring decay in grays, October also considers the lighter side of reality detachment. Recline behind translucent muses HUNGRY CLOUD DARKENING’s softly glazed memory bouquet, “Glossy Recall,” frolicking indie-rock broncos TETHERBALL’s roaming pandemonium “Whimsy,” or electro-polished French temptress YELLE’s breezy cyber-chic dance-pop beats “Complètement fou.” YELLE hits Madison’s Majestic Theater October 19th. Everything’s subjective so why not join radiant alt-pop day-trippers AFTERNOONS’ ravenous art-rock romps, “Say Yes,” float among New Zealand dream-catchers FRENCH FOR RABBITS’ mesmerizing melancholy, “Spirits,” and even concede to tireless guitar-pirates TENNIS SYSTEM’s crafted noise-rock squalor, “Technicolour Blind”

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