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I'm With Her - See You Around

I'm With Her - See You Around

I'm With Her
See You Around
Label: Rounder

Honey-dipped traveling-songs brewed in mountain-gospel blues whose restorative organics blossom in wholesome vocals and neighborly narratives, I’m With Her serves rich sunlit traditions with refreshing zest from sonorous sorority. Modern, cultivated roots-music, “Around,” resounds in boundless banjo mandolin counterpoint, electric folk-guitar runs and willowy fiddle fills to fulfill, sustain, comfort and advise.  The trio plays Stoughton Opera House February 28th.

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Iceage - Beyondless

Iceage - Beyondless

Label: Matador

Writhing, chopping-block raw wrath unravels in beautiful dilapidated rage. Beaten but undefeated, sloshed in edgy poet-apothecary’s barbaric hypotheses, “Beyondless,” slings strong webs around vigorous collisions. Brandishing brass and bombast to smash molten impotency into brazen punk-crunched burlesque, Denmark’s Iceage’s staged rampages crash overloaded locomotive polemics into full-moon roadhouse blues, carving starving hearts from double-crossed chaos, doomsday revelry and stubborn bluster.

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Ian Sweet - Crush Crusher

Ian Sweet - Crush Crusher

Ian Sweet
Crush Crusher
Label: Hardly Art

Uncoiled turmoil crawls and hauls “Crusher,” from slithering alt-rock synergy into wilted narcotic-pop surrenders, forming choreographed torture through caressing delicate regrets into crashing concessions. A swift and fluid navigator, Sweet treats spent intents to beautiful squalor, biographical after-thoughts whose wavering shapes incite stalker beats from foggy colleagues, crafting soul-baring jump-abouts enacted as badge-of-honor battles in midnight raids on stolen emotions.

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Imperial Teen - Now We Are Timeless

Imperial Teen - Now We Are Timeless

Imperial Teen
Now We Are Timeless
Label: Merge

Concept-pop fraught in frosted power-chords, cautious providence and brokered commotion, “Timeless,” blinds with radiant New Wave cravings wound around sultry, sugar-coated irony; sinister minor-key majesty painted in aloof brooding and kaleidoscopic bop. Princely resistance weathering post-modern regrets, Imperial Teen’s smug rug-cutters reach near-boils to ratchet passions into seething teases cooled by smooth well-oiled grooves then reheated into steamy paperback dramatics.

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