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Nonono - We Are Only What We Feel

Nonono - We Are Only What We Feel

We Are Only What We Feel
Label: Warner Bros.

Frosted in cheeky mystique, NONONO’s arched marches and pouty pomp knit braided parades coiled in daredevil levels of mood-swing flings. Explosive pop-star parties collide beside fitful disco-queen dreams as fancy anthems pour scorching hopscotch bop over steel-edged gusto; the blissful, wistful, “Feel,” dances in Olympian victory laps coloring forthright flights from beat-featured ballads in post-romantic reds and cool neon blues.

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Niagara - Don’t Take It Personally

Niagara - Don’t Take It Personally

Don’t Take It Personally
Label: Monotreme

A denizen of resplendent gremlins scurrying from hallow choirs to ghostly commotion, “Personally,” pushes plush-pop envelopes into spackled abstractions; swirling, curling ambient stampedes washed in sunrise and dried in twilight wade through translucent truces padded in digi-glitchy mystery. Lost in galactic pageants, the seamlessly silky Niagara aptly captures cagey space-age Camelots fraught with slithery jitterbugged nano-bots programmed for luxurious purpose.

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Sarah Neufeld - The Ridge

Sarah Neufeld - The Ridge

Sarah Neufeld
The Ridge
Label: Paperbag Records

Scratching an itch that spirals into Möbius strips of flickering art-pop mischief, “The Ridge,” hypnotizes with raspy gypsy patterns whose bewitching births spark spirited omens drawn from curious, furious compositions releasing uncontrollable golems chasing scathing cadence with demonic logic. Magnetic, emphatic and enigmatic, violinist Neufeld follows her dark, archaic muse through lively, divergent paths that resonate in splendidly menacing cadenzas.

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Marissa Nadler - Strangers

Marissa Nadler - Strangers

Marissa Nadler
Label: Sacred Bones

Floating above bewitching mists of quivering riffs, devious ether permeates languid twang snaking through lanky naked cadence; Nadler’s breathy vespers conspire in ominous honesty wielding world-weary queries through exquisite narcoleptic suggestions. The cautious, toxic, “Strangers,” offers thoughtful gossamer to mask lethargic carnage behind softly modern gothic; self-confessing processionals luring turbulent concerns down haunted hallways holding suspicious wishes under phantom banter.

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New Street Adventure - Stubborn Sons

New Street Adventure - Stubborn Sons

New Street Adventure
Stubborn Sons
Label: PIAS

Posh caramel-coated soul folded into upfront street-punk funk, “Sons,” run silver-tongued urban-jungle rumbles lathered in heart-throb bravado and midnight-player panache. Tough, but supple anguish enriched in champagne refrains, NSA layers bluesy doo-wop harmonics over sharp sparse rhythms and voluptuous bass, chasing wavering faith with dockside struts erupting in openly romantic tantrums painted with hard, lean facts and hungry, plundered truths.

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