Astral Hand

Astral Hand Returns To The Stage
by DeWook
October 2021

Astral Hand performing on 10.11.21 at the Cactus Club in Milwaukee, Wisconsin - photo by DeWook

Astral Hand performing on 10.11.21 at the Cactus Club in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
photo by DeWook

Hot. Cold. Hot. Cold. Hot. Wet. Cold.

Fall weather in Wisconsin is unpredictable and so are weekday-shows in the music scene. But let me tell you, only a handful of bands get me off the couch after a long weekend working shows. I love the bands that sell it, you know, really go full on rock star. The bands that don’t dress like they just came from a Brewers game. They show up after the 7th inning to play bass. Not worth the drive.

My friend Al Kramer is in a new band called Astral Hand. The first time I saw Al perform my first thought was, “ROCK STAR”. When I found out he was in the new project Astral Hand, I was all-eyes-on with this band.

So here it is. Monday October 11th, 2021. I travel to Bay View in Milwaukee. Just outside of the Cactus Club it is a warm, wet, fall night. Everything in the streets is very quiet. Inside the Cactus Club it is a different story, mind you, I haven’t been here in years. I’m ready for the trenches.

The Cactus Club is a venue know for having the volume cranked to 11, and yes, they sell ear plugs. I make it past the bar into the main room and there is Al waiting patiently to attack the stage and tap into musical frustration to bleed out of his fingers. He, the band, and I were ready.

The lights dimmed as music flowed into the room. Guitar riffs mixed with slithering bass lines, intense drum beats, and Al on vocals and keys were taking us into the stratosphere. The room was packed full of fans, including me. On a Monday night, Astral Hand had returned. The wait was over.

That was one hell of a performance.

You can check out images from the Astral Hand 10.11.21 performance at the Cactus Club in Milwaukee, Wisconsin at the link below.

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