Concert By The Creek Volume Two

Soaring Back to the Creek... an Interview With Adam Greuel of High Hawks
by DeWook
June 2021

High Hawks performing at Concert By The Creek 06.05.21 - photo by DeWook

High Hawks performing at Concert By The Creek 06.05.21
photo by DeWook

It was a hot day. Mackey’s Hideout once again set off their Summer Stomp series of Concert By The Creek shows. This time soaring with the High Hawks and a great supporting line up with Miles Over Mountains, Wise Jennings, and Craig Baumann & The Story. I had a chance to sit down with Adam Greuel of the High Hawks, but we will get to that in a minute.

The heat was no joke, I melt in the sun. But the music was just as hot. We began the evening with Craig Baumann & The Story. The blues-rock five piece band set off the night with a full set of music to get the heart pumping. Just what we needed to break our attention from the heat. But it was only the beginning.

Miles Over Mountains, from McHenry, Illinois kept the evening going while the sun set. The now four piece bluegrass band didn’t give the audience a chance to sit down. Keeping the vibe going as the cool winds kicked in from the setting sun.

Before the High Hawks took the stage, I had a moment to sit down with Adam Greuel to talk Horseshoes and Hawks.

DeWook: Adam, how does it feel to be on stage again?
Adam Gruel: Oh my gosh, rejuvenating, refreshing, soul nourishing. There’s a new appreciation for the experience of live music I think for the fans and for the artist. Every show I’ve played so far, I walk off stage and feel like that was great! You know, it’s like, distance makes the heart grow fonder. To see fans out dancing again to be back on stage with friends. It reminds you of the magic of live music.

DW: During the shutdown, you came out with two new albums. Do you have anything to say about either of those?
AG: I needed to stay sane somehow. For me sanity comes from making music and being in nature. So I was hiking like crazy and writing like crazy.

DW: And growing the hair out?
AG: And then growing the hair out. Yeah and then the music emerged. It was cool. I released Low Income Porridge and another album called Quarantine Tangerine. Then Horseshoes and Hand Grenades released Miles of Blue. Unthawed was then released with Berens & Gruel.

DW: with Charlie Berens?
AG: Yes! The comedian. It was an insane little time period.  But it was good. It was positive.

DW: Tell us about the High Hawks. How did this come together for you guys?
AG: Well, the High Hawks came together because basically, we are all good friends.  And we’re like, how can we get to spend more time together? The conclusion was that we should make a new music project and then we’ll be able to hang out and enjoy each other’s company.  Usually, when people get along well, they end up making music well too. That’s where it came from. And now we made this record and feel great about it. It’s the 4th night that we’re about to perform out for this tour.  There’s a text message thread we share with everyone in the High Hawks and it’s all positive and encouraging. Everyone is just so stoked on what’s going on. There’s a lot of freedom in the band. You can kind of let your freak flag fly. I wear feathers while I play onstage.

DW: You have a new album coming out this Friday?
Yes! That’s for the High Hawks self titled album.

DW: Anymore tour dates coming up?
We’re trying to figure it out.  Hopefully!  We’re all in other projects. Trying to figure out all the schedules is a bit difficult at times.

DW: Can you give me an example of what’s different from touring with Horseshoes and Hand Grenades vs. the High Hawks?
It’s just different personality types. In the High Hawks it spans the ages. I’m 30, and the oldest person is 65. That’s a 35 year difference. So the vibe is a little different. Yet at the same time there’s a kind of weird brotherhood in this band and in Horseshoes.  It’s just slightly different in their own little way.

DW: Little bit of seasoning on both ends!
Yeah! It’s cool to play with these guys. Like how many shows has Tim Carbone played? I have no idea. But I learned a lot from him.

DW: Do you feel like your playing has changed playing with the two bands?
Yeah, my playing has certainly changed by playing with different musicians and being influenced by the sounds they make. If you play with open ears then you’re adjusting and reacting to the people you’re playing with. You’re not just out there doing you. If you were, you’d suck to play with. But yeah, it’s been cool to learn from the fellows!

DW: Anything you want to say to the fans?
Thanks for coming to the shows. Gosh, it’s good to see ya again!

The High Hawks then took the stage and gave us two full sets of music. Treating us with many new and classic tracks.

The two piece Wise Jennings then closed out the night. The couple from southeast Wisconsin moved the show inside Mackey’s Hideout finishing the night with a fantastic set of folk and rock music.

So much music, so little time. In the end we all cooled down to some new and old music, making us crave the next Concert By The Creek. I am missing the heat already.

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