Ryan Dempsey

Conversation with Ryan Dempsey of Twiddle
by DeWook
August 2021

Ryan Dempsey at the Majestic Theatre in Milwaukee Wisconsin 04.15.16 - photo by DeWook

Ryan Dempsey at the Majestic Theatre in Milwaukee Wisconsin 04.15.16
photo by DeWook

“Excuse me, is your friend gonna take pictures all night long?” “He can do whatever he wants!”
I’ll never forget that moment. A simple exchange between strangers. My friend Dave defending my
attack on Trey Anastasio at the Pabst Theatre in 2014 as I relentlessly kept taking pictures of him.
I found myself in the 4th row with Dave and my buddy Ben. Great seats. Like Trey was right there. Boom.
I couldn’t put my phone down. I just wanted to freeze it all.

A few weeks passed. Some random Friday night. I planned on hitting up this late night rave to get some snaps
when Ben suggested I hit up Fire On Water. I asked him who was going to be there. He simply replied, “Go.”
I strolled into Fire On Water to discover Twiddle making an unscheduled stop. I, at the time, had no clue who they were. I approached someone who I though was in the band and said hello. That was the moment I met Ryan Dempsey, keyboardist for Twiddle. Smart guy, quizzed me on photography.
Wanted to make sure I knew my stuff. It was an awakening to say the least. Alas, I passed and was able to photo
Twiddle. Plus my friendship with Ryan had just begun.

Working with Twiddle over the past seven years I’ve really gotten to see these fellas blossom and become successful, so when they announced their Fall 2021 Tour, I called Ryan Dempsey to see about an interview. After rescheduling for the 3rd
time (lol Ryan) we finally got the Zoom up and running…


The motivation of this band to get out and play is so clear. Between a Fall Tour, a “wink wink” new album coming out soon, and the desire to have live music
again.  Twiddle has become more professional and efficient over the years. They have never sounded better. Everyday these four guys show us fans how they do what
they do. We are all in for a fantastic year of Twiddle. Thanks again Ryan for the sit down!

I’m looking forward to photographing Twiddle in November.

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