Spafford at The Majestic

Spafford at The Majestic
by DeWook
October 2021

Spafford performing at The Majestic in Madison, Wisconsin - photo by DeWook

Spafford performing at The Majestic in Madison, Wisconsin
photo by DeWook

It was a great feeling. Standing outside the Majestic Theatre in Madison, Wisconsin. Putting my gear on to once again work in this fantastic venue, and the first time stepping back into this theatre since the pandemic began. I could sense this was going to be an epic night.

My first Spafford show was in 2016 and they have never disappointed. Eggy opened the night and heated the crowd to a light boil, just enough simmer to get Spafford pumped and ready. I made my way up, front row center, and waited. I love watching the crew work behind the scenes. Total professionalism.

Spafford took the stage and blew the audience away. I made my way right and left in front of the stage until I had my fill of images. The band rocked the house out as I made my way to the back of the crowd, then I ventured upstairs to the balconies.

By then the room was boiling, no joke. Between the funk grooves of Spafford with a crowd of bodies in motion, and my mask, I was HOT.

I finished my shoot and greeted a few friends before stopping to enjoy the rest of the show.

Another successful Spafford show was in the books.

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