Adrenaline Mob

An interview with guitarist Mike Orlando
by Chris Fox
April 2014

Adrenaline Mob

Adrenaline Mob

Riding on the release of their latest album, Men of Honor, ADRENALINE MOB hits the road again this spring. The quartet has continued to reaffirm their supergroup status with the addition of TWISTED SISTER drummer, A.J. Pero, as they deliver a gut-hitting hard rock sound.

The band’s latest album follows what they started with the first, Omertà. ”We’ve taken the staple of what we created with that album, and just turned the page and turned it up,” explains guitarist and songwriter Mike Orlando. “But, it is what it has always been, solid grooves, big hooks, and monster beats - wrap all of that up and you have Adrenaline Mob.”

Orlando is not only the guitarist and songwriter, but also does the mixing and mastering, giving the band the unique sound that they thrive on. “The studio is a great place to get everything down. I own my own recording studio, and every album has been done here,” he says. “We like having that powerful sound that just gets you going. We have the songs that, when you’re driving in the car, they make it so you can’t drive just 60, and we have other songs that make you sit back and think.”

The supergroup status is derived from Orlando’s Guitar Superstar of the Year (2008) status from Guitar Player magazine, as well as Russell Allen’s vocal background with SYMPHONY X, John Moyer’s bass-playing with DISTURBED, and A.J. Pero’s work with TWISTED SISTER. “It’s an honor to be called a supergroup. But, we’re not playing all over the place, throwing in a million notes every measure,” Orlando explains. “The band is about songs, and that’s why we concentrate on those grooves and big sound. So, being a ‘supergroup’ doesn’t really affect our music. We are concentrating on writing for this band, and being called that more just tells you where we’re at as musicians.”

Though the music certainly doesn’t sound like the members are borrowing from their other projects, the sound certainly touches on the areas in which the musicians are familiar. “We are hard rock. We’ve got a touch of metal - some of the songs are definitely heavy, but we also have those ballad-type of songs,” Orlando says. The band is familiar with both acoustic radio station tours as well as hard-hitting stage performances. “We can do it light or we can tear it up real heavy.”

Orlando professes that ADRENALINE MOB puts a lot of emphasis on their live show. “Live is where the band breathes. We take a giant exhale on stage,” he explains. “When we’re up on stage, I’m smiling from ear to ear. People see us and they recognize that we’re throwing down, but we’re having a great time doing it.” And while they bring their big sound to the stage, they still work to talk directly with the audience. “When we say ‘come on, get up,’ that’s exactly what we want - you to get the fuck up. It’s that honest message that we want to tell the audience.”

As the band hits the road, Orlando doesn’t see any rest in his future. “My philosophy has always been - we’re done touring, I’m going to go home and start writing another album. It’s just non stop,” Orlando says. ADRENALINE MOB will be making their first appearance in Madison at The Annex at the Red Zone on April 12 and in Chippewa Falls at Every Buddy’s Bar on April 13.

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