All That Remains

by Chris Fox
September 2009

All That Remains - photo by Adam Bielawski

All That Remains
photo by Adam Bielawski

Pounding their way through the country, ALL THAT REMAINS find themselves coming to Madison. Bringing their heavy yet melodic sound and raging voice, this quintet of about ten years has helped redefine the new sound of heavy metal and bring a no bullshit attitude to an increasingly theatrical music scene.

Their most recent album, Overcome, takes another step in the progression of music. As Jeanne Sagan (Bass) explains “when we were writing this album we concentrated on writing songs and whatever the part naturally called for,” and with the combination of more clean vocals yet utterly brutal instrumental work, ALL THAT REMAINS has been able to reestablish their sound without losing their heavy roots.  These roots, Sagan says, are “influenced by the live shows… this underground world of music where people seemed to give a shit and energies of the crowd were intense.” The utter epicness that is the sound of their band draws on inspirations from across the board, Sagan lists, “chicken wings, relationships, and castles” in no particular order. As she digresses, “everyday is its own animal” but there is no denying the utter power behind their sound.

All That Remains - Jeanne Sagan - Photo by Adam BielawskiThe mounting wall of sound that ALL THAT REMAINS presents is only paralleled by their live performance. Sagan explains, “playing music and meeting fans means everything to me… live is an energy driven machine.” Their dedication to their fans and the live performance is amusingly obvious and, as Sagan continues, “with different members comes different ideas and different personalities. Everyone goes through struggle and triumphs and the band has grown together and learned through our own ups and downs. The messages and goals have always stayed the same.”

The uncertain world of the music industry only gives this band more push to achieve. The slow development and appreciation for music is growing and “people in general are starting to accept double bass and screaming, and that says great things for our genre.”

ALL THAT REMAINS take pride in their genre, their music, and their fans. As Sagan says, “the word metal means different things to different people… [it’s] an attitude and approach to music through timbre, melody, and aggression.” As a new staple to the genre of heavy metal this quintet continues “learning, growing, and gaining appreciation.”

ALL THAT REMAINS is a new force to be reckoned with, and they have learned to lull their audience into a comfortable place with beautiful melodies before tearing everybody’s face off with a raw brutality. They are the new face of ferocity without alienating their audiences. Thundering drums, shredding guitars, and the vocals to match both, this band has found the new formula for aggression in music.

As they prepare for their upcoming run of headlining shows, Sagan reflects on their fans and explains “I have been influenced by many artists and to have someone come up to me and say how much we mean to them is unreal and flattering.” Come out and learn why “music is such a powerful thing,” when ALL THAT REMAINS plays the Barrymore on October 3 with Lacuna Coil, Maylene and the Sons of Disaster, and From Sword to Sunrise.

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