An interview with Divyded

From success to zombies
by Aaron Manogue
September 2011



Kittie, Nonpoint, Art of Dying, Taste of Madison and Band Camp. Most bands play for years just dreaming of scoring gigs like these, yet there’s one band who have managed to scale the ranks and land those shows in just a matter of months. The immensely talented metal band Divyded has made a name for themselves by doing what so many other bands fail to do these days: Stay true to themselves. They ignore fads, trends and cookie cutter band clichés. Listening to any one of their songs it’s easy to understand why this band has caught the attention of thousands of hard rock and metal fans. Maximum Ink’s Aaron Manogue spoke with the boys in Divyded: Jason Radosevich, Drums; Chuck Wepfer, lead guitar and vocals;  Ryan Trainor, bass; and Jason Hagberg, guitar.

Maximum Ink: Talk to me about where Divyded got started.
Divyded: Divyded actually got started right in the middle of another project that we were already collaborating on with some other people. When we had realized that that particular project wasn’t 100% what we were really shooting for, we stepped outside of the box and started brainstorming a bit. Divyded [started] shortly after. It has been nonstop work from there on out.

MaxInk: How long have each of you been playing your instruments?
Divyded: We have all had our instruments for quite a number of years. Chuck, Jason Hagberg and Ryan have been playing guitar and bass for the last 12, 17, and 12 years [respectively], and Jason Radosevich has been on and off the drums for the last 5 years, hitting [them] more intensely over the last year and a half.

MaxInk: Where did the name come from?
Divyded: Well the name came after a lot of thought. We wanted to have something that was different and had a great sound to it all the while trying to convey who we are and what we are. We knew that we needed to be different, develop something that was unique to this ever changing industry that we are breaking into. So essentially, we started thinking about who we are. One thought process took us to the next and the next, until we finally just realized that we are essentially “dividing” ourselves from the rest of what seems to be happening at our stage. The light bulb went on immediately after we were thinking of “dividing” ourselves from everyone else. That eventually formed into “Divyded,” as we felt that that expressed what we were accomplishing.

MaxInk: You guys have really been gaining some notoriety lately playing the Band Camp preshow, Taste of Madison, opening for Kittie, Art of Dying and Nonpoint. What’s it been like to already be gaining ground with national acts?
Divyded: One word can describe it man, fun. We have a great time at every show we play, and it has all been really awesome. We are thankful for the opportunities that we have been given along the way from people like Randy Hawke and Ski over at 94.1 WJJO and Justin Moralez at The Rave in Milwaukee.

MaxInk: How have you guys managed to make a name for yourself so quickly in an industry that most people say is down?
Divyded: We work really hard at what we do and try to deliver as much as possible. We stay who we are and don’t follow trends.

MaxInk: You guys write and record your own stuff. What are the advantages to having that much control over your work?
Divyded: One of the biggest things is that we don’t have any limitations at all. With that freedom we feel like we can write some creative work.

MaxInk: You guys really have a unique and noticeable sound yet maintain that necessary hook. How do you guys approach the composition process?
Divyded: There really isn’t too much of a method to the madness. We usually start out with a riff on the guitar or a beat on the drums and try to one up one another with ideas. Someone will play something and someone will say, “Hey wait, play that again.” Then, we just build up off of what someone is playing. Once we have a concept for a song, we start thinking to ourselves, “Ok. That part sounds good. That part needs some tweaking. Kick that part out. Let’s put a stronger part in there,” etc. We try to think of everything from a listener’s perspective and while doing that we ask ourselves “Would we buy that?” If the answer is yes, we progress further into the song adding more elements to it, making it larger and better sounding with each step.

MaxInk: Your self-titled EP really did a lot for you guys in getting your name out there. Is there any new music on the way or maybe a full length album?
Divyded: We will be continuing to release singles for now. Things may change in the future, and we might do a full length down the line.

MaxInk: If you could only play one more show for the rest of your lives, but you get to chose who you play with, who would it be and why?
Divyded: We would amass a huge show. It would have to be a multi-day event that would include artists like Rob Zombie, Ozzy, AC/DC, Zakk Wylde, Avenged Sevenfold, Disturbed, Godsmack and Ted Nugent. Reason being is that all of these guys are talented musicians who are masters at what they do, and they kick fucking ass.

MaxInk: What’s the first thing you’d do if you found out we were in the midst of a zombie apocolypse?
Divyded: Step 1: Gather as many Zombie Ass Kicking Weapons as we can find. Step 2: Get all Non-Zombie personnel that we can find. Step 3: Go from city to city kicking Zombie Ass.

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