Black Label Society

an interview with John Deservio
by Tina Hall
August 2010


John "JD" DeServio

While John “JD” DeServio is best known for his work as the bassist of Black Label Society, he also works hard on his own project Cycle of Pain. He formed Cycle of Pain with Greg Locascio and Joe Taylor, who he has been playing in bands with since he was 15. The band recently won an award from High Times Magazine for “Best Pot Song” for, “Do My Work High” off the self-titled debut album (featuring Zakk Wylde and Sen Dog (Cypress Hill).

Maximum Ink: You’ve mentioned as a child you were a fan of music and horror flicks. Why do you think the two go together so well? What are some of your favorite horror films and why?
John DeServio: Heavy metal music is dark, so to speak, just like horror movies. Growing up, I loved Black Sabbath and Kiss. Two bands that brought horror movies to the stage. My favorite horror movies are night of the living dead, and the exorcist.

MI: Aside from playing bass you also enjoy playing the drums and keys. Do you think you might ever play either on any upcoming albums?
JD: On my Cycle of Pain record, I played both on one song! I see heaven, I played drums, piano, keys, bass, and sang!!

MI:  As a hockey fan what are some of your favorite teams? What is it about hockey that first attracted you to it?
JD: The NY Rangers are my team!!! I got into hockey from playing Zakk on blades of steel back in 88!!

MI: You have known your Cycle of Pain band mates for awhile and have worked with Zakk for several years as well. How do you think working with people you know so well affects the music?
JD: It makes it alot easier. Knowing each other so well, makes it easier to communicate musically.

MI: Were you surprised to win an award for “Best Pot Song” at High Times Magazine?
JD: Totally!! We were stoked!!

MI: Are you yourself a smoker? Do you think marijuana should be legalized?
JD: Definitely should be legal. Alcohol is 10 times worse than herb!!

MI: How would you say your career has changed most since you first started playing professionally?
JD: Thankfully it keeps gettin’ better!!

MI: How does “Order of the Black” differ from past BLS albums?
JD: This ones different cause I got to co produce it, and mix it as well!

MI:  What plans do you have for Cycle of Pain?
JD: Keep doin’ gigs, and writing some new material.

MI: Anything you’d like to say to fans in closing?
JD: We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts!!! Without the fans we’re nothing!!!

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