Checking out the Eloquent Demons in Bobaflex
by Al Brzostowski
May 2018

Marty McCoy of Bobaflex - photo by Tricia Starr--TStarr Photography

Marty McCoy of Bobaflex
photo by Tricia Starr--TStarr Photography

Bobaflex is an odd brew; they’re a mix of heavy metal, eerie, spine tingling and alternately growling and soaring vocals. Moving forward like a freight train, Bobaflex is again writing for another album. Tour life, new guitarist, new music, they seem to always be evolving. On stage, there isn’t a moment where they pause; it’s always a constant.

Marty McCoy, one of the lead vocalists/guitarists, had a moment at BratFest to speak to Maximum Ink.

MI: The album has been out for months now. Have you been happy with the positive response you’ve gotten?
MM: Since August of last year. Still kinda new. As far as albums go.  Going awesome. I searched for bad reviews, couldn’t find one. I searched and searched, because I really like reading those. The bad ones are the funniest thing ever. When someone nails you perfectly, like, “They’re trying so hard to be like this”, it’s great. But I couldn’t find one anywhere.

MI: And you guys are taking advantage of the new vinyl craze and getting ready to release one of your own.
MM:  Absolutely.  It’s so sought after now, it takes almost six to eight months to get your vinyl done. And not just for us. Guys like Tool and Clutch and everybody is waiting that long. We got our vinyl, and I finally heard it. When we were on tour. We got it from a record store in Florida. We put it on, had a real nice system. It sounded amazing. Vinyl is so much better. It is actually really cool.

MI: We met Jake, the new guitarist earlier today.  How’s he fitting into Bobaflex?
MM: Jake’s awesome. Great guitar player, great singer, and he’s on the same page as the rest of us. We’ve become really close with him; he’s a great guy.  We just recorded with him in the studio Tuesday. He’s a clean player, very meticulous.  That was a real nice surprise. I knew he was gonna be good, but oooh, great man. We knew him, and we didn’t have time for tryouts.  When Dave Tipple was leaving the band, the album had just come out. It was the worst possible timing. We love Dave, but it was one of those things. So we didn’t have the time for tryouts. Jake tried out for bass, when Jymmy got the job. He did a great job, but Jymmy was getting that job. There was no stopping Jymmy from taking that position. We knew Jake from that, we called him and said, “ Hey man, learn the songs, we’ll pick you up.” And he did. (Laughs). Then I heard him sing, and it was like Whoa!

MI: Surprises coming up? Give us anything to watch out for.
MM: We have a single coming out will be off with your head. We’ll be doing a video next month. We got these doomsday preppers that built this six hundred thousand dollar non- penetrating castle in the middle of Marietta, Ohio. It’s awesome. It’s crazy. It will be one of the biggest productions we’ve done so far as a video. We got knights and horses, and Jake’s gonna get….well I can’t tell you that. But it’s gonna be awesome.

MI: New writing, new music?
MM: Ya, we got in the studio Tuesday. We’re doing it different this time. We get a few songs together, cutting them, so we have more time to think about them. I love being in the studio anyway, it’s one of my favorite things. It’s definitely different this time; instead of just GO GO GO, get the record done. While we’re touring, we’re writing.

MI: Future of Bobaflex?

MI: Tour progress, major announcements?
MM: We’re working on a couple of things. We’ve headlined for ten years straight. Which is great, but we’re looking to get a big spot on a big tour sometime toward the end of the year.

MI: I caught this on your Twitter feed. Three words… Hustle and flow…go!
MM: Whoop that trick man…(Laughs). Shaun, remembers it. Jake and Jymmy are good with this. It blows us away when we find out that they never see Hustle and Flow.  I guess they were five when it came out. (Laughs). It was awesome.

MI: Tourlife. Give us the oddest, craziest thing that BF experienced on the road.
MM: We hit someone while on the road. Tore their leg off. It was right when Jymmy got on the tour. On the way to Sonic Boom.  Wasn’t our fault. The cops let us go. My brother (Shaun), woke up, and was like, “ Oh, Fuck, it’s over”.

MI: How much money goes into haircare for you?
MM: (Laughs).  It’s a ten. It’s magical. You can buy it at Wal-Mart. Used to get it at Sally’s (Laughs). TEN. I’ve been told that my redneck accent I sound like “tin”, it’s “TEN”. (Laughs)

MI: Shaun: IS HE A WWE prospect?
MM: NO. as much as we see shit like that, NO. He’s got the wrestlers’ body.

MI: Tommy: he’s always smiling. What’s he up to?
MM: He’s the happiest dude I ever met.

MM: Jake. I got nothing. Give me something here.
MI: Well, he ahh…..NO…..I can’t say that…He’s a good boy. HE’S A VERY GOOD BOY.

MI: Jymmy: Food consumption? And Why the Y?
MM: I don’t know. I think it’s the LA thing. Remember back in the day when everyone had a LA name. AND HE EATS LIKE A HOG. Makes me angry.

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