Cealed Kasket

by Kimberly E. McDaniel
October 2007

Chicago's Cealed Kasket featuring Sarsicus and vocalist Mortal Death

Chicago's Cealed Kasket featuring Sarsicus and vocalist Mortal Death

By all accounts, Cealed Kasket puts on one heck of a show.  There are swords, beer, wenches and a self-proclaimed, 553-year-old wizard named Sarsicus, led by the ringleader and vocalist Mortal Death in an effort to entertain the youth of America. The band’s latest album, “Penetration,” was released this past July on Reckless Records. 

The band will appear at Maximum Ink’s Halloween Spooktacular on October 27th, so we thought it fitting to warn…err, inform concert-goers in the Madison area just what they might expect from these medieval metal rockers.  It seems that the traditional sex, drugs and rock and roll is on the menu, and Cealed Kasket knows how to deliver the goods.  After sitting down to chat with Mortal Death, the best warning?  Be afraid…be very afraid.

MAXIMUM INK: How would you describe Cealed Kasket’s sound?
MORTAL DEATH: We’re a harder rock and roll band.  They don’t make bands like us anymore.  Nowadays, everything is very soft and comfortable.  We’re an angry band.  We like to take broken glass, put it in plastic bag along with the human spirit, and shake it up.  It’s rock and roll with loud guitars, but there also happens to be a wizard in our band at the same time.

MAX INK: Who is Sarsicus and what does he do?  What is his function within the band?
DEATH: I don’t like to admit it, but he’s kind of like the ringleader of us all. It dates back many, many years ago when Sarsicus began putting the band together. He went from town to town, looking for the ones who would make up his uber-group, if you will.  He found me and the other guys in the band. But, he’s a powerful wizard. If it weren’t for his wisdom and direction, I don’t think we’d be where we are right now. It sounds like I give him a lot of credit, but I really hate his guts. He’s not a nice gentleman, he’s a deviant. But he’s got a nice beard and that does bring in a lot of the ladies.

MAX INK: Are you the principal songwriter for the band?
DEATH: I write everything. They can tell you whatever they want, and I’m sure they will, but when it all breaks down, it comes from myself. Everything comes from me, my experience, my life. I do a lot of meeting women, so that’s mostly what I know and what I write about.

MAX INK:  Most of your songs seem pretty sexual in nature, so that explains it.
DEATH: We’re very sexual beings. I’m human and I’m sure you’re human, so you know about the emotions and hormones and all that. Coming from a band of wizards and other supernaturals, they don’t enjoy that element as much as I do. I have to take care of my oats. I think you say something like that in America, something about oats.

MAX INK:  Sowing your wild oats?
DEATH:  Sowing your wild oats! Yes, that’s it! That’s what I do. A lot of my songs are about sex. A lot of my songs are about drugs. A lot of my songs are about swordplay. These are all things I do on a daily basis.

MAX INK: What’s your favorite song to play live and why?
DEATH: I really enjoy playing a song called “Backstage Sluttin’.” That’s when we invite all the wenches from the audience onto the stage. That’s where I usually get the majority of me phone numbers for after the show. That’s when my accomplice, the Soul Collector, who is also the band manager, will give the girls a backstage pass. It’s a great song.

MAX INK: How would you like people to walk away from your show feeling? 
DEATH: Bruised, battered, torn, wasted. Like they’ve been hit with a bunch of bricks on their head. Welts and pain. It’s not a good feeling. They’ll be feeling it the next day and on into next week. We try to keep you in pain.

MAX INK: What type of music do you listen to?
DEATH: Anything that parents would say is too controversial, that’s the stuff that I’m drawn to. Like that new Britney Spears song, “Gimme More.” Anything from 50 Cent.  I’m really into anything that Tommy Lee does. Not with Motley Crue, but with his DJ gigs.

MAX INK:  Is there anything you listen to that might shock your fans that you listen to it?
DEATH: When I tell them that I listen to a lot of Celine Dion, they say, “Why do you listen to Celine Dion?” I say Celine Dion is a wonderful performer and you have to take a look at her movements and the way that she mouths the words. That is an inspiration for me.  I also listen to a lot of Meat Loaf. 

MAX INK: What are the band’s ultimate goals?
DEATH:  Just sit, collect royalty checks, have a turkey leg every now and then. Maybe take up a knitting class. I would do that, I would take up a knitting class. I’d like Celine Dion to cover one of my songs.

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