by Chris Fox
May 2009

American Thrash metallers Chimaira

American Thrash metallers Chimaira

Welcome to the monster that is CHIMAIRA. With a name that means: grotesque monster having disparate and disagreeing parts, it can be expected that these guys bring a lot to the heavy metal table. Much like their name, the band is a constantly disagreeing group of musicians that strive to persistently improve their intense and precise sound. A sound defined easily with one word, heavy, seems to continuously attract more and more metalheads to their broadening fan base. Being known for their fast guitars and shotgun drums this sextet never ceases to impress.

Their upcoming release, “The Infection,” is due out on April 21, and as promised by lead guitarist, Rob Arnold, it will be “gut wrenching and in your face, like CHIMAIRA has always been.” The new album provides a new side to the group, Arnold explains, it has a “sledgehammer type groove,” that is a bit slower than previous albums, but just as heavy. With the standard metal influences, like Slayer and Metallica, CHIMAIRA strives to get heavier and expand their repertoire. As with any group of musicians, these ten-year veterans of the genre find themselves consistently maturing and creating a higher standard for themselves. They are always striving to improve what they are what they represent.

Through the years, CHIMAIRA has almost developed into a family owned business. As Arnold explains, “we’ve learned to become professional and learned to deal with interpersonal turmoil as a family… we all grew up fast, you have to walking down dark alleys over seas.” They use their developing success as inspiration, as a lot of their music as become about “drive and determination in music… we write music that we think is awesome, and we just hope other people feel the same way.” They have developed their music through many painstaking hours in the studio and even more meticulous hours in rehearsals. The higher standard that these guys set for themselves is what makes their music so tight and heavy. Every pick strike and every snare hit has its place as their reputation for quick precise yet chunky songs precedes them.

After the departure of their drummer almost saw the demise of CHIMAIRA, the band has matured through their trials, and their reuniting, in 2006, brought the group to a new level.  They have developed into an almost underground force on the metal scene that continues to shake walls. That is one of the most rewarding things, Arnold explains, “respect… we have always stuck to our guns and have always been the metal band that we are.” Respecting their fans and getting it all returned is what these guys are all about. Wearing the badge of heavy metal in its purest form of ‘this is what I am, if you don’t like it, piss off,’ CHIMAIRA continues to bring truly original and inspiring music to the table. Whether it is their fast grinding of early albums or the sludgy axe to the face that their new album delivers, these guys continue to set the bar high.

They always enjoy playing live, and running their family business consists of music making, tour booking, and face melting from every member. “It’s a team effort,” says Arnold. Just like their name suggests, and just like a typical family, differing opinions and a collection of individuals creates a tight band that delivers on their promise of being “heavy.” Badass and personable are what define their attitude. One of the best things, Arnold explains, is being on tour and having “that overwhelming realization that we’ve done it.” CHIMAIRA is definitely one of the most unadulterated definitions of what it means to be heavy metal.

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