The Delta Routine

by Mike Huberty
July 2014

The Delta Routine

The Delta Routine

Maybe it’s all the pretense of producer teams and their made-for-TMZ Pop divas and the “just press play” live shows of Electronic Dance Music that’s forced Rock music to go back to its very beginnings. In an era where people can make a record on their laptop and viral YouTube videos are routinely made with a mobile phone, the natural sounds of a band that can really play their instruments to an audience that just wants to get down seems almost quaint. If a musician can just straight up play guitar or sing their guts out in a band onstage on a Friday night somewhere, it seems old-fashioned in a world of “everyone’s a star” karaoke and televised singing contests where melismatic teenagers fight over who’s prettiest. So when you hear THE DELTA ROUTINE, a straight up rock band from Milwaukee that takes the best elements from the founding fathers of the genre, it’s a genuine delight to hear a genuine mix of rock n’ roll mayhem that combines the swagger of THE ROLLING STONES, the energy of THE BLACK CROWES, and the modern sounds of THE STROKES. Consisting of Nick Amadeus on lead vocals and guitar, Al Kraemer on keyboards, Victor Buell IV on guitar, Evan Paydon on bass, and Kyle Ciske on drums, they’ve released three full albums, the latest being “Cigarettes & Caffeine Nightmares”. In 2011 the band won Milwaukee radio 88.9’s Milwaukee Band of the Year award as well as Alternative Band of the Year at the Wisconsin Area Music Industry awards. Also, in true Wisconsin beer-drinking spirit, THE DELTA ROUTINE has also been featured in an ad for Chippewa Falls-brewed (and Miller-owned) Leinenkugel’s. After making an appearance at Milwaukee’s Summerfest on Thursday, July 3rd, they’ll be performing in Madison at Atwood Summerfest on Saturday July 26th. With a voice that sounds a little like Noel Gallagher got in a drunken fistfight with Satisfaction-era Mick Jagger, we talked to Nick Amadeus about the band and their upcoming Atwood performance.

Maximum Ink: What’s the single? What track would you want people to hear that hasn’t heard THE DELTA ROUTINE before?
Nick Amadeus:
There are probably a few, but I guess one of my favorite songs would be ‘I Wait Alone’ off our 2012 release ‘Cigarettes and Caffeine Nightmares’.

MI: That sounds heavy, what’s it about?
It’s a track about timing and how it can effect a relationship or a love that never was. The ‘right thing at the wrong time is the wrong thing’ type idea.

MI: You guys are playing at the AtwoodFest on July 26th - what’s your favorite concert going experience?
I suppose everyone in the band would all have a different answer for this one, but for me one of my best concert experiences would have to be seeing a young New Orleans Brass Band killing it on a corner on Frenchmen Street down in New Orleans, Louisiana. I don’t think they had a name unfortunately, but I couldn’t believe how blown away I was with the show. Put a new meaning to the quote ‘couldn’t get tighter if you lived in New Orleans all your life’.

Madison fans will get to experience some of that fun at AtwoodFest on July 26th when THE DELTA ROUTINE takes the stage. 

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