An interview with local metal band Divyded
by Aaron Manogue
April 2011



Making successful hard rock or metal music today is basically about three things:
1) Music with a hook
2) Lyrics fans can feel and relate to
3) Kick your ass guitar play.

Maximum Ink was lucky enough to come across a local band that literally matched up to all of the aforementioned, even though they tell us they’ve only been together since early 2010. If you haven’t heard of them, plan on hearing their name many times in the near future. Chuck Diesel (Vocals, Guitar), Jason “Das” Radosevich (Drums) and Ryan Trainor (Bass) have formed a force to be reckoned with as Divyded.

Maximum Ink: Describe your music for someone who has never seen or heard you perform.
Divyded : Hard hitting, deep penetrating, in your fucking face, here we come hard-fucking rock. It’s kind of like a mix of Rob Zombie and Godsmack with a bit of Drowning Pool, Disturbed, and A7X.

MI: Who would you say some of your influences are?
Divyded : We have many, but some of them are Disturbed, Zakk Wylde, A7X, and Rob Zombie.

MI: Is there a message you’re trying to portray with your music?
Divyded : We usually write about personal experiences, but we’re not limited to that. We also write our music so the listener can try to relate any of it to themselves or others.

MI: With thousands of local bands out there, what sets you apart from the others?
Divyded : One of the things that separates us from other local acts is our songs. Our goal with each song is to catch the listeners’ attention with big hooks and sing along choruses. We work very hard when during the writing process. Many bands half-ass the song writing aspect of the business and get screwed in the long run because they are pushing an inadequate product.

MI: In your eyes, what’s the biggest challenge about breaking into the music scene, a.k.a. expanding your fan base?
Divyded : The biggest challenge is getting people to check out our music. Many people are disappointed with a lot of current music, especially an original act, and they are hesitant on checking out something new. Overcoming that barrier is definitely the most difficult thing.

MI: It’s the zombie apocalypse and each of you only gets one weapon to defend yourselves and behead the undead. What would that be?
Divyded : We’ll all jump in a tank. Wait, does that count?

Check out Divyded’s self titled EP on iTunes, which is also available in most online stores. Also, stop by www.divyded.com for news, shows, and tour dates.

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