an interview with guitarist Cede Dupont
by Tina Hall
November 2010



Downspirit was formed when Symphorce/ex Freedom Call guitarist Cede Dupont. With Steffen Lauth (vocals), Cédric “Cede” Dupont (lead guitar), Axel “Aki” Reissmann (rhythm guitar), Sven Rakowitz (bass), Sebastian Dunkel (drums) they combine blues and heavy metal in a way that is only fitting. Coming from Stuttgart/Germany, they recently released their debut album, Point of Origin and are determined to play as much as they possibly can.

Maximum Ink: What is it like there in Germany? How has your upbringing influenced you to pursue the music?
Cede Dupont Germany obviously has a lot of bands, so there’s a lot of competition going on. It’s the same more or less in Switzerland (where I live), but here you just a small amount of bands that really kick ass, cause it’s a much smaller country.

I think Downspirit stand out a little bit in both countries, because it’s almost daily business that people come to us and say that we sound like an American-Rock-influence band, and the production doesn’t sound like “Germany” in my opinion, which is something that we really wanted for the final result on “Point of Origin”

MI: Are you looking forward to bringing Downspirit to your fans in the US?
CD: It’s definitely one of our main goals. I’ve playing in the US before, and I just can hope that we will be able to grow our fan base over there, so that people and promoters want us to play there. I think Downspirit would be the perfect choice for a fun rock n roll tour through the States!

MI: How do you think the music scene in Germany compares to the one here?
CD: I think the American scene has been growing year by year with concerns to bringing in European Metal bands. That was different in the 90’s. A lot of “smaller” European bands do USA tours these days. By smaller bands I mean not the Scorpions or Iron Maiden.

In Germany you almost have like a thousand tours running in the same year, so it happens that you have the best of bands playing the same night in the same area which makes it kinda hard for the fan to buy both tickets.It’s almost an overflow over here I’d say.

MI: What led you to form Downspirit?
CD: I always wanted to form a group that combines metal music with blues music or hard rock oriented music. Blues is something that I picked up when I first grabbed a guitar, so I’m stuck with it ever since.

MI: What is like to work with the rest of the guys in the band?
CD: It’s a blast really. I’m seeing these guys more than my family the last weeks, and it just feels great to be together out on the road and play as many shows as somehow possible. I think all the fun and the action that happens within the band also reflects on the reaction on the fans every night we play, and that’s a great thing!

MI: How would you describe the Downspirit sound to our readers who yet to hear it for themselves?
CD: I think we play Metal obviously, but it’s a lot influenced by the bluesy character of 80’s hard rock. We have hard rocking grooves and guitar-riffs, great vocal melodies, and an aggressive beast that’s screaming it’s soul out at certain points…I think that’s mainly it.

MI: Since your work is blend of blues and metal. Who would you say is your favorite artists from each of those genres?
CD: From the blues side of things I’d say Robert Johnson or early Clapton. Metal, .hmm, difficult probably Pantera because of the riffing, and the feeling I’d say Guns n’ Roses for the hard rock part.

MI: Why do you think the blues have such a timeless appeal?
CD: Because it’s the roots of everything that is sounding cool. Blues is the shit man. And of course it’s such an emotional way to express yourself in music, that’s probably also a reason why so many people love the music. Everybody, sometimes, has the blues.

MI: Are you excited about the debut album? Where there any tracks on there that where particularly challenging to capture?
CD: We’re really really damn happy about how it sounds and how good it came out to be. Of course there were challenging moments in the studio for certain parts, but in the end it’s always worth it to give your best, cause what you record will be glued to your book of life, so you really want to make the best you can, and I think that’s just what we did!

MI: What do you like to do when you aren’t being a musician?
CD: Probably a prostitute for attractive Milfs that earn a lot of money…ha ha.

MI: Where do you hope to see this band’s career head in the future?
CD: I hope that we can built a huge fan base and tour the world as much as possible. And you know what? We’re gonna fucking do that I swear, we will work our asses off to make it all happen!

MI: What projects do you plan to bring the people next?
CD: Well I have released an instrumental album called “Melodrama” in June (which is available through my myspace site and we just released a new record with Symphorce called “Unrestricted”, so I think I’m stuck with enough projects already that I’m taking care of, ha ha. I’m a workaholic but my days just seem to have 24 hrs as well. Thanks for having me! And be sure to check out our dates for our first visit to the USA hopefully to come soon!!!

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