Droids Attack - 2003

by David A. Kulczyk
March 2003

early Droids Attack

early Droids Attack

In five years of writing for Maximum Ink, it is rare that I receive a call from Rökker at 9pm asking me to check out a band’s website and write about them two hours before print time. You must remember that Rökker receives 4,000 CD’s a year and hundreds of phone calls a month from bands, publicists and managers. And while he’s easily amused, he’s not easily impressed. ‘What band could be so important?’ I thought. Tapping in www.droidsattack.com, I immediately saw what Rökker was pining about.

The website crafts a dyamic, user-friendly interface that reflects Droids Attack founder Brad Van’s favorite hobby, and business - video games. Brad owns Aftershock Video, soon to be featured on State Steet in Madison above Ping Time. In his world, robots attack humans everyday.

But by night, he’s the singer and guitarist of Madison punk-metal band Droids Attack. Set to release their debut CD in April, the band will be performing at BOMBLASTICA with the New Recruits, The Hoodwinks and The Skintones on Saturday, March 22nd.

Droids have that noisy-groove-punk-thing that sticks them directly in the future.  Van, formerly the drummer in Jolly Naked Fisherman and Cornelius Klein, chucked the drums for guitars and vocals to front Dayzie Head Mazie before putting together Droids Attack.

Simplicity, raw hooks and pure energy are delivered in way that would make my grandmother scream in fright. Tony Brungraber, drums and new bassist Pete Leonard hold up the bottom end with plenty of mad rhythms, keeping up with Van the entire way! A power trio in a chip, fighting a scorge of droids that will never relent in their attack of humanoids, Droids Attack drive toward the future one quarter at a time. Game over. Please insert coin.

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