Egypt Central

An interview with vocalist John Falls of Egypt Central
by Aaron Manogue
June 2011

This summer is filled with new music and great new sounds. One of the most evident marks on summer 2011 has been the release of Egypt Central’s sophomore album White Rabbit. The album hellishly paints a picture of a series of events and consequences that occur when one accepts or declines the heralded “White Rabbit.” The album is laced with hard riffs, catchy lyrics and more hooks than a fisherman’s tackle box. Maximum Ink’s Aaron Manogue sat down with vocalist John Falls to discuss Summerfest, WJJO Band Camp and their latest album.

Maximum Ink: What’s it like to play Summerfest and Band Camp and these huge shows alongside other great bands that are out there today?
John Falls: We’ve been fortunate to play Summerfest before and this will be our first Band Camp. We’ve played for JJO quite a few times so to finally get an invite to Band Camp is awesome. But it’s weird on the festival circuit you get to know everyone pretty quickly because usually it’s the same bands that are out at that time. That’s another cool aspect of it is that there’s ten to twenty bands that happen to be putting out records that year.

MI: What has WJJO done for you guys and how big of an honor is it to finally play Band Camp?
JF: Most definitely, it’s flattering to finally be playing. It’s definitely an honor. We’ve been told for years that we have to come to Band Camp! And not even playing it, you know? Just come and see it and see who is playing.

MI: What are some of the crazy things that can happen at an outdoor show like this and do you have any stories about these types of shows?
JF: I think it depends on what region you’re in. Some of the craziest stuff I’ve seen is in Texas. People are just plain naked by the end of the show because it’s so damn hot outside.

MI: Who are you looking forward to playing with at Band Camp? Is there anyone that you’ve played with and are looking forward to seeing again?
JF: We haven’t seen the Five Finger Death Punch guys in a while and we’re friends with the Pop Evil guys. I haven’t actually had the chance to see Volbeat live and I’m digging their new stuff man
MI: Your new album “White Rabbit” is blowing up around the country. Tell me how it feels to be rewarded after all your hard work and determination to get a quality album out?
JF: It’s just very rewarding to finally be here. Some of the success we’ve wanted and worked so hard for is finally here. It’s unbelievable to see the response to the new record and I hope we can keep up the pace.

MI: Is that something that ever kind gets old? Going out and touring and traveling so much or is that what you live for?
JF: No man, it never gets old, but there’s definitely days where I’m more tired than others. Them are the days where the lack of sleep catches up to you.

MI: What are you tour plans for the rest of the summer?
JF: Well, I mean the big ones overseas are going on right now. We’re here right now while a lot of bands are in the U.K. and Japan and Australia and stuff. June’s when stuff starts to kick up over there. We’re hoping to go over there next year around the same time but as far as the rest of the year goes, we’re taking Burn Halo and Red Line Chemistry out with us for a couple weeks. Then we’re going out with Hinder and Adelita’s Way and in between all that there’s two week gaps on each side where it’s just all festivals.

MI: We actually just spoke with James Hart of Burn Halo about a week ago. Have you guys played shows with them before?
JF: We haven’t toured with Burn Halo but I’ve done a few things James when he was touring with Eighteen Visions.

MI: What’s something about yourself that not many fans would know about you?
JF: I absolutely love to cook. And I don’t mean like home baking or whatever, I mean like culinary art. I love it. But out here, you pretty much just have the barbeque thing and I make chicken and burgers and when we have the time to do it, I get pretty creative with like stuffed burgers and all that kind of crazy shit.

See Egypt Central this month at Summerfest on the Miller Lite Rock Stage, July 3rd at 5, or at 94.1 WJJO Band Camp July 30th!

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