Factory 81

by Michelle Harper
December 2000

Factory 81 on the cover of Maximum Ink in December of 2000

Factory 81 on the cover of Maximum Ink in December of 2000

Fiery conviction.  Justified rebellion.  Protest with soul.  These concepts amply describe the sounds of Factory 81.  Best described as a refined hybrid of Slipknot and Rage Against The Machine, Factory 81 combines violently convicted philosophies with blood curdling screams and aching melodies.  The four-piece band out of Detroit, Michigan was recently asked to contribute a track of their choice to the compilation “Take A Bite Outta Rhyme: A Rock Tribute To Rap.”  The cover they chose to perform?  Cypress Hill’s “Insane In the Membrane”.  Why?  Andy Cyrulnik, drummer of Factory 81, believes Cypress Hill closely resembles the sound of his own group.  That and he’s a long time fan.

On Factory 81’s full-length debut CD entitled “Mankind”, vocalist Nate Wallace states in the insert, “Not all the lyrics are submitted.  I decided to leave it open for interpretation”.  The inside cover contains a fantastic combination of thought provoking poetry, essays and lyrics of action.  The words written under the track “Peace Officer” tell a personal story of injustice and police brutality.  The story concludes, “This song is dedicated to all police & all the power tripping pigs.  How can I be free?  Slap the cuffs on me, I’m just a freak”.  Another powerful track entitled “Rotten Strawberries” has an accompanying tale of a man that died as he rescues a girl about to be hit by a speeding car.  “Hating himself as he thought others did, he did all within his simple mind & power to earn their love or at least a smile.  He died never knowing either one.”  Through passionate words such as these, Factory 81 encourages fans to question their experiences, realize their beliefs and remain aware.

Their profound words alone make Factory 81 a band deserving of high recognition and merit.  What lies behind this furious and intriguing band?  Bill Schultz, guitarist of the band, recently took some time out from the hectic touring schedule to answer a few questions about the band. 

MAXIMUM INK: You have a picture of the Chinese Zodiac on the cover of your CD “Mankind”.  What does the symbol mean?
SCHULTZ: The symbol actually represents chaos.

MI: What is the first single being released off “Mankind” and what’s behind it?
SCHULTZ: The first single is going to be “Nanu”.  And the song is basically one person’s point of view raging about different social issues.

MI:: How would you describe your music to those who have never heard it?
SCHULTZ: Our music is a mix of raw energy, emotion, and melody.  Not to be placed in any single category.

MI: How did Factory 81 get started and how long have you been playing together?
SCHULTZ: Factory 81 was started about 3 ½ years ago when Bill and Kevin, having a band together prior to this, were auditioning new singers and came across Nate.  Then Andy [Cyrulnik] would come about roughly a year later when Kevin’s girlfriend at the time introduced him to us.

MI: Your music is described as “non-conformist”.  What is your mission with this CD if any, and what message do you want to convey to your fans?
SCHULTZ: This CD doesn’t dwell or conform to any certain point of belief.  It’s just four guys playing music that makes them feel good and in return it’s projected into the listening audience.

Certainly on the rise to greatness, Factory 81 puts reality on the line.  Straight to the point.  Currently touring with Nonpoint and Kittie, you can catch Factory 81 in Madison, Wisconsin on 12/11 at the Orpheum Theater, The Rave in Milwaukee on 12/14 , and Cafe Metro in Chicago on 12/19.

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