FlowPoetry Celebrates Book Release with Three-act Rock and Roll Show
by Adam Benavides
November 2019


FlowPoetry "Compression" Book Release

FlowPoetry Celebrates Book Release with Three-act Rock and Roll Show
Hippy rock trio Glostik Willy and Madison-native Tate McLane Hit High Noon Saloon Nov. 18

On Monday, November 18, High Noon Saloon, WIJAM and Knuckleheads will host a live, three-act book release and rock and roll show celebrating the release of Compression, a new book from Madison artist FlowPoetry.

FlowPoetry is the stage name of poet Adam Gregory Pergament, who has been a mainstay and champion of Madison’s live music and performance art scene for nearly 20 years. Pergament received both a bachelor’s and master’s degree from the University of Wisconsin and began performing throughout the Madison area in 2002. After a largely successful run in a band that included national tours, several studio albums and a live album, Pergament began bringing his live poetry act to audiences about five years ago.

Leveraging contacts throughout the Midwest from his touring days, Pergament quickly became a favorite “tweener” act for both venues touring bands when his live poetry readings between sets brought a vibrant performance art stage vibe akin to Allen Ginsberg’s beat poetry performances of the 1960s.

To further understand Pergament’s poetry and the inspiration behind it, look no further than his longtime love for the Grateful Dead, (as a Dead Head, Pergament estimates he’s been to over 100 of the legendary psychedelic rock band’s shows), who he credits with opening him up to the likes of Americana, blues, rock and jazz music.

The free-flowing and improvisational style of the Dead are easily recognized in the essence of Compression’s entries, which Pergament says do not have any definitive topical themes but are more so a “collection of creative responses to the times we live and have lived in.”

That said, Pergament is also quick to note that Compression captures some of his most punchy, percussive work yet. Made up of rhythmic, drum-and-beat lines, the inspirations behind the poems range from major cultural moments of the past two decades to the spirited, artistic city he wrote them in—Madison, Wisconsin.

“I started writing the book back in 2004 and became really committed to keeping my poetry alive at that point,” he says. “Madison has always supported freedom of speech and creative endeavors and my appreciation for the city certainly lives in this book.”

While Pergament began writing Compression years ago and does not reference specific events, he thinks the themes and words will still very much resonate with readers today.

“The themes are still relevant on many levels,” he explains. “Now is a great time to shout these poems out and give vigorous, creative responses to the times we live in. It’s poetry, but it’s rock and roll through and through.”

The spirit of rock and roll was the driving force behind Pergament’s vision for the upcoming launch event in that he wants it to be about the power of positivity and love through live music with a little live poetry along the way; a vision that the night’s bill will have no problem achieving.

Divided in three acts, the launch show will feature two wide-ranging musical acts bookending Pergament live reading a selection of original entries from Compression.

Starting at 7:30, the event kicks off with acoustic singer and songwriter and Madison-native, Tate McLane, who recently booked several national tour dates. A well-respected veteran of the Madison music scene, the High Noon performance will be McLane’s first Madison set in nearly 10 years.

Pergament will then perform selected entries from FlowPoetry’s Compression, joined by three backing female vocalists to accentuate the readings with live, musical tones.

Closing the night will be Indiana-based, power trio, Glostik Willy, making a stop on their “Cheese Pipeline 2019 Fall Tour.” Made up of Jameson “Jay Moe” Bradford (guitar), Ralf Mowf (drums) and Buddha Aguilar (bass), the psychedelic rockers are largely known as the creators of Hippy Metal as an entirely new musical genre.

The band has garnered acclaim throughout the industry and will release their upcoming album (aptly titled “Hippy Metal”), in the spring of 2020. The new record features a who’s-who of rock and roll with cameos by Grammy-winner Doug Wimbish of Living Colour, Daru Jones of Jack White Band and Steve Sweeny of Ekoostik Hookah. To top it off, the record was mastered by renowned mixer Chris Lord-Alge, who has worked with legendary rock and roll acts including Bruce Springsteen, James Cocker and Black Sabbath.

While the three-act rock and roll show will be the first of its kind at High Noon Saloon, it’s also a perfect example of the vibrant scene that people who know Madison best will find excitingly familiar.

The power of live music is second to none and during a time when authentic inspiration is as important as ever, an event that brings the community together through creative expression is definitely a piece of what makes Wisconsin’s capital city such a special place.

For fans who can’t wait until the 18th, FlowPoetry will also be hosting a Glostik Willy and Tate McLane meet-and-greet on Sunday, November 17, from 3-5 p.m. at Knuckleheads (550 State St.).

Fans will get a chance to meet the artists and hear a preview of their live performances.

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