Gabriel and the Apocalypse

An interview with vocalist Lindy Gabriel
by Aaron Manogue
December 2011

Gabriel and the Apocalypse by Brandon Wu - photo by Brandon Wu

Gabriel and the Apocalypse by Brandon Wu
photo by Brandon Wu

“Longevity comes from doing something different and having artistic integrity.” These words, spoken by Lindy Gabriel, lead vocalist of Minneapolis’ own Gabriel and the Apocalypse Lindy Gabriel explain her life surrounded by music and doing what it takes to make it in a music industry over saturated with bands. Her voice and sound transcend a lifetime of musical, personal and intellectual experiences, accompanied by guitar drum and bass work that flows like brush onto easel painting a hard rock masterpiece. There are so many bands out there today, sometimes it’s hard to find your way through all the clutter, but Gabriel and the Apocalypse are definitely a diamond in the rough. Maximum Ink’s Aaron Manogue sat down with the band’s talented vocalist Lindy Gabriel to discuss their music, her upbringing and their experience so far in the crazy music industry.

Maximum Ink: Tell me about when you first started singing. Where and how did you get your start? Did you always know you wanted to sing rock and metal?
Lindy Gabriel: I started singing when I was six years old. I always knew I wanted to sing and be a performer. I grew up with it. My parents have been playing in rock bands for many, many years, even before I was born. I started playing bass and guitar at the age of ten and started my first real band at eleven, playing gigs and all. This is what I have always done.

MI: How did Gabriel and the Apocalypse get its start?
LG: I had been in a band called The Apocalypse and it had basically dissolved. I wanted to put something else together. I met Jake at a club in Rochester, Minnesota. His band at the time was performing there. I asked him if he would be interested in doing a project with me. That’s where it all started. A year or two later we relocated the band to Minneapolis.

MI: What’s it all about? Some bands write about anger, pain, deceit; what does music do for you?
LG: I do write about my personal life and feelings but in the past year I have really strived to make a statement about my beliefs and really make people think. I write about politics, the world, people I have lost, just my life experiences and lessons I’ve learned. I always want to have a deep meaning behind it. I take my time with what I write. I aim to write in an abstract way, so it’s not too obvious, so I’m not too exposed. That way, people can relate to it on their own personal level. Music is definitely an outlet for me and if I didn’t have it, I can’t image where or what kind of person I would be.

MI: Tell me about your new album “new World disAsteR” in your own words.
LG: For me it’s more artistic than our previous records; definitely more thought provoking. It’s a strong record musically and lyrically. It’s kind of a political record but still maintaining personal elements as far as lyric content. The entire record was a planned out piece of work. We put so much time and thought into every single element of this record. Maybe that’s why I love it so much. It has a perfect flow and balance and I’m just so proud of it!

MI: You’ve been fortunate enough to share the stage with the likes of Flyleaf and Otep, also fronted by great women singers. What’s it like to be part of a big push with women being vocalists for rock and metal bands, and what was it like to share the stage with them?
LG: It feels great to be a part of it. It’s an honor to play with national acts such as that. I feel grateful for those opportunities but we definitely work our asses off for it! Crowds like Otep’s and Flyleaf’s really seem to dig us!

MI: Rick “ST1TCH” Thomas of Mushroomhead/Ventana is featured on the song “Like God.” What was it like working with ST1TCH?
LG: It was fun working with him. It was so relaxed and we saw the same vision for the track. Things went along smoothly and we got it done pretty quick. He killed it!

MI: Also in that song, there is a distinct Marilyn Manson feel to your voice. Would you agree and is he someone you look up to musically?
LG: Yeah, I have always loved his work. He’s a true artist. Even knowing him on a person level, I felt like we had similar minds, you know? So yeah, I can say that he has inspired me some.

MI: What bands out there today do you really love and listen to? Do you only listen to rock and metal?
LG: I personally am really not into metal music. What I listen to is NIN, Manson, AHC, Nirvana, Hole, Deftones, Fiona Apple, PJ Harvey, The Cure, Godhead, Pusicfer, A Perfect Circle, Pink Floyd,Skinny Puppy, Smashing Pumpkins, etc. I can’t speak for everyone in the band. We all have different tastes in music.

MI: What’s next for Gabriel and the Apocalypse?
LG: A tour this spring. To keep growing and building this machine!

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