In This Moment

by Chris Fox
February 2009

Maria Brink in a sexy photo shoot

Maria Brink in a sexy photo shoot

Still rolling on the release of their newest album, The Dream, IN THIS MOMENT will be back in Wisconsin at the Riverside Ballroom in Green Bay, and the Orpheum, with MUDVAYNE on February 9th and 18th respectively. Whether you are a veteran fan or a first time listener this quintet is bound to grab your attention both live and with their amazing studio talents.

Digressing from their first album, Beautiful Tragedy, the new record takes a lighter approach to heavy music. Showing true diversity and gusto, the new album is “more song oriented rather than focusing so heavily on riffs,” explains Maria Brink (vocals). Their influences span from, the riff masters, Pantera to Johnny Cash creating a very diverse sound in their music. Brink attributes the more melodic take on the new album to seeing Ozzy play when they were on the Ozzfest Tour. “Watching a massive crowd sing all his songs back to him really inspired us to twist our songs in a different direction,” explains Brink. Her highly recognizable screams are still present, but there is a whole new layering with melody and harsh sounds. Brink continues, “I was really angry on the first album, and I write about my passions and experiences,” and there is a whole new understanding with The Dream.

Brink explains that singing is, actually, much more challenging for her than the screaming. She digresses about Cash not being the greatest singer, but “you can feel what he is singing.” Music becomes about an escape from the reality that all of us are stuck in, and Brink feels the album keeps the heavy sound while being lighter because it still conveys “that specific attitude of not falling into what everybody else does… independence and power.” As a female lead, a somewhat unique position in hard rock and heavy metal, Brink feels that people often blow such an aspect out of proportion. “People sometimes don’t take our music as seriously, but that all disappears when the music starts,” explains Brink.

IN THIS MOMENT constantly challenges themselves to play better live. Being onstage is “where I feel most free and alive, everything stays away,” and Brink certainly displays this passion on stage with more enthusiasm that many of her peers. The most inspiring part is Brink’s battle with anxiety. She explains that she has only suffered on stage twice, and in reality the stage is what allows her to transgress above such complications. In fact, she continues, “fear is the greatest adversity I’ve had to overcome,” not from anxieties, but rather the fear and doubt while chasing a dream. She expressed her gratitude, the greatest thing as a musician is, “inspiring fans and being able to do what I love everyday.”

Whether it’s the older pit favorite, “Daddy’s Fallen Angel,” or the new crowd mover, “Mechanical Love,” these musicians deliver. Through her mother’s influence, Brink easily found metal and she uses those influences to develop an ever-changing genre of music with her bandmates. Heavy melodies and screeching overtones, as well as incredibly high energy and a true passion for music are what make them a band to watch. After their dates over the next couple months, IN THIS MOMENT plans to head for Europe as well as being scheduled to play the Warped Tour. Brink explains with the utmost excitement, “this is what I feel like I’m here to do… it makes me feel alive.”

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