In This Moment

by Chris Fox
November 2009

In This Moment

In This Moment

After surprising an unsuspecting crowd with their stage presence at the Mudvayne show back in February IN THIS MOMENT is back on the road. Now on a headline tour, they are returning to Madison in November. With Earth shattering screams and a mesmerizing singing voice, Maria Brink fronts this eclectic mix of pounding heavy metal and melodic hard rock.

The band really finds itself on the razor’s edge between heavy and light without losing the elements of either. Brink explains, “we aren’t afraid to do what we want, and that has made us really diverse.” The guitar riffs of Chris Howorth are bluntly heavy, but the touch of melody in Howorth’s solos and Brink’s soaring voice are what set IN THIS MOMENT in their own category. “We don’t follow any genre rules,” and that is why they dabble in every crevice of heavier music. “From double bass to somber and everything in between,” explains Brink. The piercing screams that this front woman produces really find the band at a crossroads between melodic and heavy. Brink explains, “I love both screaming and singing, but it goes with how the song makes me feel.” When IN THIS MOMENT played the Warped Tour, Brink explains, “we thought that crowd would be perfect to want more of the singing, but when I let out a scream it really seemed to stop people in their tracks.” Weaving in and out of standard genres is what makes this quintet a truly interesting band to see live.

Playing live becomes “a whole nother experience,” explains Brink, “everything stops when we step on that stage.” Watching the crowd, the initial reaction by skeptics is regarding a female singer and a heavy band, but when IN THIS MOMENT hits the stage minds visibly change. Even the cynics become quickly impressed by the diversity of Brink and even more so by the melding of the group. When playing live, “we don’t worry about anything,” Brink continues, “even the really melodic songs get much heavier live, and I tend to scream live a lot more, even if I didn’t on the recording.” The live experience is truly unique and can never be captured on a disc. “We want to keep growing with whatever we do, that brings more depth to our music,” Brink explains, and touring helps create the atmosphere to develop your understanding of the world.

As the band approaches their fifth year together Brink explains, “we are feeling the heavier side of things, and we want to lay it all out there, we hope to give our music lots more depth because of this.” Brink is hoping to bring a very two-sided version to their next album. She explains, “I want the new album to be split between the dark, angry stuff and the light, melodic stuff,” and bringing out the diversity of their experience. They are really hoping go where the album feels it should, Brink explains, “you can have the best voice in the world, but unless you feel it, if you don’t have a passion for it won’t be any good… it has been a long hard road, with lots of ups and downs, and I’m hoping the album can reflect that.”

IN THIS MOMENT will be back in Madison on November 15 headlining at the Annex. The live energy from beautifully melodic to resoundingly heavy is sure to be felt. As their fan base diversifies Brink’s searing screams will continue to draw attention as they “plan to keep writing and following our hearts.”

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