Jack Bruce

by Mario Martin
December 2001

Jack Bruce

Jack Bruce

The 1960’s British music scene afforded one of the greatest bands the world would ever see, Cream. Jack Bruce provided the rhythm for which to do it.

Jack Bruce On His Current Project:
Jack Bruce has played with some of the most diverse musicians in the business, none more diverse than his current project that was turned into a band for the sheer enjoyment of the music. Jack said, “I’ve enjoyed playing with so many musicians through the years, but my favorite is my band right now.” [Jack’s current band is comprised of Vernon Reid on guitar; Bernie Worrel on Hammond organ; El Negro Horacio Hernandez from Cuba, Robbie Ameen and Richi Flores, all on drums.]  “When we were making the record, we decided to continue and make a band out of it.”

Jack Bruce on the Music Industry:

Jack Bruce is one that sees the melting pot of music as a blessing. “Music has always been, it just got bigger. There are so many more kinds of music today but their roots were always there. Me, I consider myself a non-celebrity and play music because I love music…all of it.”  When asked about what types of music he listens to, Jack said, “I listen to everything. I’m very open to what’s out there. From Limp Bizkit to whatever gangster rap is around.”

Jack Bruce on Touring:
Touring usually takes its place at the top of a musicians’ priorities. Jack Bruce is no different. “Touring got more professional through the years.  It’s still hurry up and wait, but it let’s me play in front of people and I love that.” Even though Jack and his band are only playing a select number of American dates, they have been touring extensively in Europe. “I enjoy playing in front of an audience and I enjoy playing in the [United] States. When people hear the band, it’s the finest band and an amazing show.  It’s a lot of fun”

Jack Bruce on Life and Music Today:
With pop music at an all-time high, guitar bands abound and embrace the rock classics.  When asked about the future of rock, Jack said, “It’s difficult to say…people say ‘Rock is Dead’ but no, it just re-invents itself.” The future of music, being undecided at this point, gets a dose of rock with everything else it has to offer such as pop, R&B, blues, jazz and so much more. “...Nirvana was a great band, but a lot more was out there just like them and different that no one had heard before.”

Jack Bruce on His Legacy:
As a musician and person, Jack Bruce has a legacy to leave behind. “If in 100 years, a kid picks up a bass [guitar] and plays ‘Sunshine of Your Love’ I’ll have done my job.” With the uncertainty of the industry and it’s pendulum swings, we are all sure to see changes in the future, but according to Jack Bruce, rock and roll will not die…it will just “re-invent” itself. 

You can catch Jack Bruce and his eclectic band at The Park West in Chicago, IL on December 14, 2001.

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