Jill Sobule

by David A. Kulczyk
June 2006

Jill Sobuile

Jill Sobuile

After a series of near failures with the record industry, Jill Sobule scored with the heavily played tongue-in-cheek MTV hit “I Kissed a Girl,” and followed up with “Supermodel,” which appeared on the Clueless soundtrack. Her first album was produced by Todd Rundgren, and she recently played lead guitar in Lloyd Cole’s band. The Denver-born singer/songwriter/guitarist has penned songs about such diverse subjects as the death penalty, anorexia, shoplifting, reproduction, the French resistance movement, adolescence and the Christian right, but a lot of her songs are about love. Sobule’s music secretes an aura of love, so instead of asking my heartthrob a bunch of questions that she has probably been asked a hundred times before, I asked her to ask herself the five questions that she has never been asked in an interview, that she always wanted to be asked, then answer them…

Maximum Ink: Who was your first crush?
Jill Sobule: It was between Emma Peel (from The Adventures) and David Bowie (as the Thin White Duke). Neither worked out for me.

MI: What is something that you are closeted about?
JS: I like to watch football. I am from Denver, and that says it all. And, I like that Kelly Clarkson song.

MI: Is there anyone who you despise?
JS: Hitler, Stalin and the girl who was mean to me at Shwayder Camp. I don’t like it when people compare politicos they don’t like to Hitler, but I am not big on Bill Frist, MD.

MI: If you had to be stuck in an opium den with any of the potential 2008 presidential candidates, who would it be?
JS: Al Gore. I met him recently, and he is actually funny, passionate, and sort of, really, chock full of personality. But, if I were stuck in an opium den, I probably would not pay much attention.

MI: What modern eras would you have wanted to live through?
JS: Let’s see… Paris before the war. The West Village in the early ‘60s. In a fancy speakeasy in NYC in the ‘20s. Los Angeles at the Whiskey in the late ‘60s. Paris (again) in the ‘50s when all the jazz greats played there, I would have smoked a lot of cigarettes. Punk London in ‘77. Max’s Kansas City, in NYC.

Jill Sobule performs at Madison’s High Noon Saloon June 9, and at the Milwaukee Pridefest on June 10. www.jillsobule.com

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